UAE ranks as the most-awarded destination in travel

In a survey conducted by Love Holidays, which analysed almost 3,000 separate travel awards, the UAE has emerged as the top travel destination in the world.

It’s not just us residents that have noticed how incredible this place is. Our beloved UAE netted a total of 282 international travel awards, which was nearly 100 more than the runner-up, USA with 188.

Bad news for all you people jumping on planes to visit your friends and family over the festive period. You’re going the wrong way.

Love Holidays looked at 2,891 travel awards from 20 separate organisations between 2015-2019. They found that whether they looked at travel for business (25 awards) or entertainment (17) – the UAE topped the award pile.

We’re not gonna act all surprised. And we’re not going to recap all 282 acceptance speeches.

Let’s just say – beaches  ✅. Year-round sunshine ✅. Theme parks ✅. Waterparks, shopping, nightlife, industry, adventure, sport, concerts, music, culture, history, street art, fine art, opera, ballet, a buzzing international food scene, safari, racing, fashion, exotic wildlife, island-life, mountains, plush hotels, business-friendly environment, innovation, inexpensive transport ✅.

*takes deep breath* And are the streets incredibly safe to walk at night? Yes they are.

The UAE – officially the best holiday on earth. 






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