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واكناء انباا عمارات – Al-Tayer highlights the efforts of the World Green Economy Organization in dealing with the effects of climate change


Muscat فی 26 وام / سلت معالی سعید محمد التایر, President of the World Organization for Green Economy, highlighted the efforts of the organization in pushing forward the actions and active discussions around the climate action during his speech at the opening session of the fourth and third meeting of the “Majlis Al-Maziriin Al-Arab in charge of affairs”. Environment” held in Muscat in the Sultanate of Oman.
In his speech, Mr. Al-Tair touched on the efforts of the World Green Economy Organization to accelerate the pace of implementation of nationally determined contributions, long-term low-emission development strategies, and national adaptation plans to drive climate action and increase resilience in the face of climate change, pointing out that 83 countries have joined the global alliance so far. For the green economy, this number is increasing continuously, which means increasing commitment to achieving a sustainable future for all.
ولفت معاليه على إلى إلى على إلى على على على إلى على على ذلك على عرض المعلومات على على على المعلومات و الجموعة بيه والجمعة على عليه السلامة استاستادة على على على على على على على ذكور على على على ذكرة على جديد على جديد على جديد على على على دورة و الجمعة بها والمعدني استاستادة.
Al-Tayer said, “All of us hope that our thoughts will meet and that we will strengthen our joint efforts to address the various challenges facing the Arab world at the moment, including climate change, food security, water scarcity, biodiversity, desertification, and other challenges.”
He added, “We are meeting here today, and we are on the verge of the 28th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change COP28, which will be hosted by the United Arab Emirates next month in Expo City, Dubai, with the help of the wise leadership in order to strengthen the urgent efforts to achieve a balance between growth and environmental sustainability for us and our world. Coming”.
And he said, “Alina أن ننتهز هذا منتدى لحواء وتقوم عدادة حور المُلِحَّة المُلِحَّة المُلِحَّة المصموعة المحمول وشُح وسُور وسُور”.
His Excellency added, “Since the Arab region is suffering from a decrease in the area of ​​arable land, there is a lack of reliance on food imports due to the large population growth, and we need to develop a long-term plan to rely on ourselves in terms of food production and to strengthen food security for citizens and residents. على حدٍ إذا”.
وتحدة عن حجازُ المُلِحَّةً to increase cooperation and increase efforts until all countries get their necessary water needs.
And he said, “Almost concerned about climate change has brought us to a crossroads, where conservation has become a necessity that cannot be ignored. Therefore, our goal today is to exchange information, share best practices, and explore opportunities that enhance conservation to ensure a more sustainable future for us.” And for the next generation”.
And he said that the environmental challenges that face the world today are not guaranteed, and surely it is necessary to combine efforts to set a course of action that goes beyond all limits and to reach our common goal in a safe and sustainable future.
He added, “In 2015, at the Paris Climate Conference, we have a common commitment to fight climate change. However, the more we look into the future, the faster the disaster will worsen, as current global economic policies and strategies will increase the Earth’s temperature by 2.8 degrees Celsius by the end of this century.” , which puts on us to intensify global efforts to promote the Nationally Determined Contributions, which have been pledged by the member states of the Paris Agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the effects of climate change, and represent our commitment to future generations to live sustainably.
He explained that adaptation and mitigation of the effects of climate change are essential pillars for a sustainable future.
He said, “Since the establishment of the World Green Economy Organization in 2016, we have taken upon ourselves the responsibility of supporting the global effort to achieve sustainable development, because we firmly believe that the green economy is the way to achieve this goal.”
He added, “Last year, we launched the Global Green Economy Alliance, led by the Government of the UAE and the World Green Economy Organization, to mobilize the efforts of participating countries to implement the goals of the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Sustainable Development Plan, in order to accelerate the transition to a green economy that enhances climate action and sustainable development. from the elimination of poverty”.
His Excellency announced the integration of 83 countries so far into the Global Green Economy Alliance, pointing out that this number is increasing continuously, which indicates an increasing commitment to achieving a sustainable future for all.
The Global Alliance for Green Economy works to bridge the gap between developed and developing countries, public and private sectors, international organizations, and various actors and stakeholders, in order to build the capacity of developing countries to transform into a green economy.
He said that joint cooperation is one of the most important factors that ensure a sustainable future and meet the needs of future generations, and we must transcend borders and ideologies and promote mutual understanding.

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