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3 female students develop an electronic project to exchange experiences between grandparents and youth


Three female students from Dubai National School Al Barsha created an electronic project to exchange experiences between grandparents and youth groups and ensure the transfer of their wisdom to this social group.

The project supervisor of the program, teacher Nafisa Al-Jappan, said, “The project was implemented by students Meera Al-Kahala, Shamma Al-Suwaidi and Maida Saeed Al-Mansouri, and aims to promote social cohesion between grandparents and youth groups. Technology and how to use modern technologies. Teach the grandparents how to use it.”

He also said that the project team wants to benefit from and implement the Talented Officers Program, including the Ministry of Education, by allocating 10 interactive hours between the two generations in a semester to get the degree within the volunteer time. , in collaboration with the Social Development Authority, in addition to the Ministry of Higher Education, recommends its students spend five interactive hours per semester with adults of similar expertise and experience.

Al-Jaban emphasized the importance of government and private companies implementing a program that combines new employees with the same professional retired and experienced people in the first month of employment, contributing to increase the efficiency of experienced seniors and prolong their service. period, and also contributes to reducing the health problems they face. It increases the company’s productivity, which brings positive results to the economy of the UAE.

DUBAI – As part of the activities of the National Festival for Science, Technology and Innovation recently organized by the Ministry of Education at the Festival Arena, a female student’s project won the second place in the “Young Emirati Scientist” award.

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