February 8, 2023

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49 people have been diagnosed with hepatitis ... The Ministry of Health is moving

49 people have been diagnosed with hepatitis … The Ministry of Health is moving

The Media Office of the Ministry of Public Health has issued the following statement:
“After reporting several cases of hepatitis A virus in Tripoli district, there are 49 cases to date, especially the ministry which is investigating these cases which are being distributed among al-Qubba / Thar al-Mahar and other neighborhoods (al-Tabbane, al-Tabbane, al-Quba). Mina, al-Badawi, Bob al-Raml) Many of them were contacted to diagnose the pathological and epidemiological characteristics and how they manifested.

“Through its teams in the Tripoli district, the Health Authority in the North, the Epidemiological Surveillance Committees and the Directorate of Health Protection of the Ministry of Health began to give priority to the study of drinking water. It was coordinated with the North. The Water Authority should collect and test water samples as soon as possible.

“Millennium virus hepatitis is a virus that spreads to humans through contaminated and uncooked food, or drinking contaminated water or beverages. The incubation period lasts 15 to 50 days. Its main symptoms are: fever, fatigue, vomiting, nausea and yellowing (wheezing). Therefore, the Ministry of Health advises citizens not to eat uncooked food, drink water that is suspected to be of unknown source or contamination, and avoid using this water.Wash vegetables and fruits.

The Ministry of Health urges citizens to “wash their hands thoroughly after using the toilet, before preparing food or eating by hand, and adhere to the rules of personal hygiene at home, as contamination of the hands can spread through the mouth. With feces carrying the virus.”

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