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5 apps to simplify your daily life activities.. Here are the details


There are unique mobile apps that we don’t know about

The use of smart phones should not be limited to making calls, sending text messages and following on social networks, because applications exist and although we need them in our daily lives, few people are aware of them.

Here are 5 useful apps for your smartphone that you might not have heard of before:

Use the phone to control the car

With the Viper SmartStart app you can use your phone as a car remote control.
This app allows you to unlock and start the car, unlock the trunk, locate the car, activate its security system and much more.
This app is available for iPhone users App StoreYou are not serving me Android Free on the Google Play Store, with the ability to subscribe within the app.

Use your phone as a tape measure

You can measure the length of different objects using your smartphone instead of a tape measure. There are several mobile apps that help you measure length using your phone’s camera.
For example: You can use the (size) utility
Available on iPhone devices to measure the length of a specific object. This app uses Augmented Reality technology to calculate dimensions

To use the app, follow these steps:
Open the app and point your phone’s camera at the object you want to measure.
Keep adjusting the camera angle until a white circle with a dot inside appears on the screen.
Move this point so that it is visible above the beginning of the object whose length you want to measure. From here the app starts scaling.
After that, press the Add button that appears in the shape of a plus sign (+) and then move the phone across the body until the dot appears above the other end of the body.
Click the Add (+) button again when the circle ends where you want to end the measurement.

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Convert old photos to digital photos

No need to buy a scanner to turn old paper photos and old film tapes into digital images, you can use your phone’s camera with one of the scanner apps available for iPhone and Android phones.
You can try apps like Filmbox to quickly capture old photo tapes and turn them into high-quality digital photos. After converting those photos, you can save them to your phone and share them with friends and family. You can also convert it to an album using an app like Google Photos.
The Filmbox app is available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad users Android on the Google Play Store.
This way, you also save old photos from damage.

Show directions on the car mirror

At times when the weather is foggy or raining, it becomes difficult to see the road and directions, and in this case, smartphone (Hudway) app can help you determine the directions. A comfortable car to drive.
To launch this app, simply enter the destination you want to go to and the app will display directions on the mirror. And while using it, make sure the phone is installed correctly and properly so that you can see the road clearly.
Hudway app is available for iPhone users App StoreAnd free for Android users on the Google Play Store with the ability to subscribe within the app.

Using a phone as a remote control device for television

Whether it’s an iPhone or Android, you can use your smartphone to control the TV remotely by downloading apps from the TV manufacturer or using apps that can control most smart TVs, such as the ASmart Remote IR app for Android. EzRemote Lite app for phones and iPhone.

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Create a notification log

Modern Android phones have a feature that allows you to create a notification history that you can access even if you clear all notifications that appear on the home screen when they arrive.
Here’s how to enable this feature:

  • (Settings) Go to Settings.
  • Click on the Notifications option, then Notification History.
  • Enable option (Use notification history) Use notification history.
  • After enabling this feature, you will see a record of notifications you receive later under the option (Use Notification History).
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