May 30, 2023

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50 years later, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences apologized to "Little Farmer" for the Oscars.

50 years later, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences apologized to “Little Farmer” for the Oscars.

On Monday, the academy said it would host Little Feather, now 75, on September 17 for an evening of “talk, healing and celebration”.

When Brando won Best Actor The Godfather movie In 1973, Little Feather took the stage, dressed in a suede dress and traditional Native American moccasin, becoming the first Native American to do so. Oscar Awards Ceremony.

In a 60 Seconds speech, Little Feather explained that Brando could not accept the award because of “the way the film industry treats Native Americans today.” Immediately, some of those present shouted.

In the years that followed, Little Brother said he was teased, discriminated against and attacked for his short appearance. Oscar Awards Ceremony.

However, Academy President David Rubin wrote on June 18 that Little Feather’s speech was “a powerful statement that continues to remind us of the need for respect and the importance of human dignity.”

Addressing her, he said, “The abuse she was subjected to was unjustified. The emotional toll you’ve suffered and the cost to your career is irreplaceable. Her courage went unrecognized for a long time. For this, we offer you our deepest apologies and sincere appreciation.

she said Small seed In a statement, he said, “It is very encouraging to see how much has changed since then He did not accept the Oscar 50 years ago.”

“Regarding the Academy’s apology to me: We Indians are very patient – it’s only been 50 years!” “We have to keep a good sense of humor at all times. It’s our way of survival.”

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