March 30, 2023

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6 Inevitable Songs in the Voice of Ahmed Jackie .. From “Crab” to “Darband” | News

Today, November 18, is the birthday of the late artist Ahmed Jackie, who enriched Egyptian cinema with dozens of works, which are immortalized to this day and are known for their brilliant talent and ability to present characters brilliantly.

“The Black Panther” is a famous artist who excels at impersonating any character he presents. During his long artistic career, his passion and love for art continued until the last moments of his life.

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In the following lines, we review the most important songs of the late Ahmed Jackie, which he performed during his art work.

– “I Pay” from the movie “Al-Baya Al-Bawab”

– “Oh, Tonia, oh girl,” from the movie “Mr. Karate.”

– “Studio” and the movie have the same name

– “Describe me patiently” from the movie “Hysteria”

– “I’m in Labora” from the movie “Caboria”

– “The Turban” from the movie “The X and the Stone”

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