February 7, 2023

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6 Ways to Prevent Monkey Fever

6 Ways to Prevent Monkey Fever

The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare said that there are 6 ways to prevent monkey bites, and that most cases heal spontaneously and the symptoms usually disappear within two to four weeks.

6 The Ministry explained that preventive measures would prevent unprotected sex, citing international reports on registered cases, sexual practices and networks, as well as the avoidance of sharing and wearing personal items such as towels and bed covers. Gloves and safety equipment when caring for patients.

Further, “Preventive measures include washing hands regularly, cooking before eating all animal products, and wearing gloves and appropriate protective clothing when approaching infected animals.”

The ministry said small doses of antiviral drugs would be used according to the severity of the disease, and that the vaccine would be used to prevent the spread of the infection and after exposure to the infection. Disease, and this is the third generation of the measles vaccine, which is not widely available.

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