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61 new “corona” cases and 89 recovery and deaths


The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare has registered 61 new cases of the corona virus (Govt-19), one death as a result of infection with the virus and “89 new cases of Govt-19 have been recovered.”

230,869 new exams were conducted in line with the plan to expand and increase the scope of examinations in the country, with the aim of early detection, counting and isolation of those infected with the corona virus and those associated with them. Over the past 24 hours, various groups in the community have used the best and latest clinical trial techniques.

The intensity of the investigation procedures and the expansion of state-wide selection have contributed to the detection of 61 new cases of the growing corona virus in various countries, all of which are subject to standard cases and necessary health care. A total of 741 cases and six cases have been registered.

The ministry announced the death toll from one case as a result of infections caused by the growing corona virus, bringing the death toll in the country to 2,144.

It revealed that 89 new cases of infection with the growing corona virus (Govt-19) had been recovered and they had fully recovered from the symptoms of the disease after receiving the required hygiene from hospitalization, bringing the total number of recovery cases to 735,638.

In addition, 19,852 doses of “Govit-19” vaccine were administered in the last 24 hours, bringing the total dose administered up to yesterday to 21 million 573 thousand 805 doses, and the vaccine delivery rate was 218.13 doses per 100 people.

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He emphasized that the plan was to provide “vaccine-19” vaccine, which would help reduce the number of cases and control the “virus-19” virus. Community members are called upon to cooperate with health officials, follow instructions, and adhere to community spacing to ensure the health and safety of all.

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