June 4, 2023

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63 million dirhams, the total income of the participants in the "Production Emirati Families"

63 million dirhams, the total income of the participants in the “Production Emirati Families”

The number of households benefiting from the “Emirati Production Families” program, which has been monitored by the Ministry of Community Development since 2008, has reached 2,992 households, according to the latest figures released by the Ministry, Emirates Today. Electronic copy.

The implementation of the project, which had a total income of 63 million dirhams for Emirati manufacturing households until the end of last year, falls within the framework of the ministry’s support for the objectives of the government’s development plans. And skills in production, work, competition and creativity.

The Ministry seeks to strengthen the economic, social and developmental potential of participating families by increasing their incomes, diversifying rehabilitation and training programs for productive families, encouraging innovation of production programs, and intensifying marketing and centers to achieve the best. Supportive promotion of their home and micro products.

Last year, the Ministry of Community Development improved the procedures and services related to the membership card of families producing Emirati households by providing a card with quality smart features approved by “Blockchain” technology. In the Services, in accordance with the guidelines of the Digital Government of the United Arab Emirates.

Project owners from families who joined the program, while participating in their dialogue sessions, emphasized the importance of implementing the Ministry’s effective role in developing productive thinking, supporting their aspirations to increase their competitiveness and further success. Profits as a result of guidance, follow-up and sustainable rehabilitation, and the opportunity to participate in many projects. Sales outlets and exhibitions for household goods in general.

Through the implementation of the program, the Ministry aims to achieve a set of goals, including strengthening community and institutional partnerships, enhancing the role of Emirati families and supporting them in their transition from the maintenance phase to self-sufficiency and contributing. Growth ”, Encourage various groups to contribute positively and influencefully and to play their part in achieving their economic stability. By identifying alternative sources of income.

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Youth programs

70% of the total projects participating in this year’s “Sana-13” Pavilion for Emirati Production Families in Global Village are new and youth projects. The Ministry supports young people who are taking their first steps in setting up businesses to participate in the “Sana” Pavilion.

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