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A big mystery .. How do the genetic characteristics of Omigran differ from previous corona mutations?


According to South African health officials, the genetic specifications of the corona omigran mutant showed that the specifications of the delta mutant and all previous mutations were completely different.

The South African Genome Surveillance Network has submitted a report to the Parliamentary Health Affairs Committee on these findings, which will focus on the first phase of research. Transmission rate of the strain and its effect on immune defenses Arises from vaccines, and it still takes more time to read and compare data to determine the parameters of what has been confirmed as the fourth wave of infection, whose biological characteristics differ from the previous three waves in South Africa.

Health officials in South Africa have reported the results to the World Health Organization, according to the Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper.


“A large proportion of the population is either immunocompromised or immunocompromised, and it is currently very difficult to determine its evolutionary path and characteristics,” said expert Richard Lessels. One of the Infectious Diseases and Research Supervisors.

He added that they did not know whether the incubation period of the virus would continue within five days before the first symptoms of the disease appeared, but were adamant that vaccines were the only way to do so. Prevent the risk of infection and treatment in the hospital.



Minor symptoms

In his presentation to Parliament Liesels said: “Not a number Mutations caused by viruses are a cause for concernIn contrast, we observed where these changes occur, many of which are in vertebrate protein, i.e. the most sensitive sites that the virus uses to enter cells.

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Most of the victims of the new mutation develop more than the disease with mild symptoms, but it is still too late to determine the level of risk of omigran because it was only diagnosed for a short time and was not ruled out. More severe infections may appear in the coming days or weeks.

According to a report by experts from the South African Genome Surveillance Network, the new mutant has spread across the country and is ahead of Delta, which has been spreading very slowly in recent years.

One of the key findings of experts is that the PCR (polymer chain reaction) test can determine the identity of a mutant without looking at the genetic sequence of the virus.

The report added: “When one of the three symptoms in the test is negative and the other two are positive, the result is positive, but it allows us to observe a different situation than the one with the delta mutation, and this allows us to directly monitor the new mutant without the need for genetic sequencing. That’s two weeks. “

At first glance, WHO experts say: Effect of Omicron-loading mutants on the biological behavior of the virus This is the biggest mystery surrounding the new mutant, which is known to be faster than previous mutations and to prevent infections that require treatment in the hospital, even if it affects people who have been vaccinated throughout the cycle. Percentage of infections among those recovering from the disease.

Given the magnitude of its risk, experts say it is too early to make any decision, especially as it affects a large percentage of young people between the ages of twenty and forty, and they are generally the group that experiences the most immune protection. Resistant to virus.

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Immunity to infection

It is noteworthy that the National Institute for Infectious Diseases in South Africa conducted 249 gene sequences of the virus last month, 183 of which were found to be with new mutants and developed immunity. Govt infection, whose duration is unknown, does not provide protection from Omicron.

It should also be noted that the vaccination coverage rate is still low in major South African cities such as Pretoria and Johannesburg, especially among young people who are a major carrier of the new mutation in the number of newcomers. Infections have reached 20% per day in the past week.

According to WHO data, 26 countries have so far reported new mutations, but as of Friday (Friday), 62% of confirmed global infections were in South Africa and Botswana.

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