March 23, 2023

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A brilliant way .. A bride buys her wedding dress for $ 3

A brilliant way .. A bride buys her wedding dress for $ 3

A clever British bride who bought her wedding dress for just three dollars at a store in Florida, USA, quickly caught the attention of millions when she posted the price of her fancy dress through her accounts on social media. .

According to a report published by the British newspaper Metro, 26 Arabian Rachel Connelly bought her wedding dress for $ 3, which is equivalent to (£ 2.26) (£ 2.26). ) Shop. Goodwill) in Florida, USA.

According to the newspaper, Rachel released a video with the application “Tick Tock” to reveal the price of her fancy silk wedding dress, and wrote in the video that the dress presents: “As soon as our engagement was over I wore this silk dress, I wore it. It’s for the ceremony. “

Rachel added in the video: “This is not the only dress I wore to the party. Two weeks ago, I saw another dream wedding dress for $ 5 in Goodwill.”

“You never know what you’ll find in storage two weeks before your wedding,” he continued.

Thus, Rachel spent only eight dollars on her wedding dress, and she bought two fancy dresses, one for three dollars and the other for five dollars.

One user commented on social media: “Wonderful, you look like Megan Merkel.” Another added: “Really amazing. Like the ladies in the press.”

Rachel’s wedding dress video has garnered nearly 1.5 million views on the internet after attracting widespread attention from followers and users.

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