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A drug used to treat diabetes has a “magic effect” in the fight against obesity


According to a study published in the Specialized “New England Journal of Medicine” MedicineThose who suffer obesity If they take it, they can reduce their weight by a fifthFor medicine.

During the experiments, the researchers gave a weekly dose of tireside for treatment Diabetics When they followed, the American company “Lily” produced Diet Diet and exercise.

Yale University researcher Anya Juster-Bow, an educator overseeing the study, said the drug has a very important effect because it is essential to treat obesity as a disease, considering its association with many chronic diseases.

Volunteers were able to lose an average of about 23 kilograms during the 72-week trials, thanks to medication that cost $ 974 to treat for four weeks.

The researchers divided the volunteers Overweight The obese group was divided into four groups and then given one of three doses of dorseptide.

On the other hand, they were given a placebo dose, meaning that they did not receive any medication at a later time to compare with others.

The results show that the group members who received the maximum dose of 15 mg lost almost 20 percent of their weight.

The drug works by mimicking the body’s hormones that help people feel fuller after eating.

And this Hormones In a very small proportion of people who are obese, it becomes difficult to lose weight even after exercising.

But this drug has side effects because it causes nausea and diarrhea and can lead to weight gain after stopping the drug.

Tom Sanders, a nutritionist and professor at King’s University London, warned that there were concerns about the drug because it could have a negative effect on work. Pancreas.

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He explained that this type of medicine is only effective for those who strictly adhere to the diet that comes with it and is defined on its basis. CaloriesTherefore, this drug is not a magic wand.

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