March 28, 2023

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A picture of Mars taken by “Curiosity” is breathtaking and amazing!

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The new image taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover reveals the sense of wonder and brutality that can be felt while standing on the surface of Mars.

I came inside Charter A blog post on NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) website: “Curiosity took a great photo from its latest site on the side of Mount Sharp on Mars. Add color to create a rare postcard. “

The photo was taken on November 16 when the rover completed its last flight. At these stops, on the steep slopes of the Gale Crater, Curiosity always captures a low-resolution 360-degree panorama of its surroundings.

When the latest panorama was sent back to Earth, the Curiosity team decided to capture it at the highest resolution.

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U.S. laboratory finds complex organic matter on Mars

At 8.30pm and 4.10pm MSD caught two separate shots of the scene while watching Curiosity Sharp Cliffs. The mosaics were sent to Earth, where Curiosity’s team put them together and added color to highlight different light levels at different times of the day.

Blue represents morning light, orange represents afternoon, and the combination of the two scenes makes the group image green.

In the center of the image is the rear view below the 5.5-kilometer (3.4-mile) summit, Mount Sharp, in the center of Gale Greater.

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In the middle can be seen the wavy sand field known as Forvey Sands, discovered by Curiosity in December last year, and the interesting rounded mountains to the right of the center are subject to Curiosity’s exploration in August this year.

On the right is a system called Mount Rafael Navarro, named after the Curiosity scientist who helped identify organic compounds on Mars. Unfortunately, Rafael Navarro passed away earlier this year.

You can download the full version of Curiosity Postcard from Mars here Link.

Source: Scientific warning