June 6, 2023

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A press report prompts Barcelona… and “damages the dignity” of La Liga’s leader.

FC Barcelona has demanded the resignation of Spanish League (La Liga) president Javier Tebas after a report said the league had provided prosecutors with false evidence against Barcelona in an arbitration scandal involving the Catalan club.

Tebas had already said that the report by “La Fangoradea” newspaper was misleading and made false assumptions, but it was enough to rekindle the flames of revenge between the two sides.

The club said in a statement: ‚ÄúThis is not the first time that the president of La Liga has used the media weapons at his disposal to harm the Barcelona team … However, contrary to his usual stupidity, we would not have imagined. He will try to accuse our club with false evidence.

A report published by “La Fanguardia” stated that Barcelona “represents a risk that all clubs in the Spanish league must be aware of”. of the Corporation.

The club said: “For reasons of dignity and respect for the leadership of LaLiga, Mr. Debas must resign from his post…but we understand his obsession with persecuting FC Barcelona and his constant and clear hatred for our club. The current president of LaLiga will continue his efforts to damage our club. ”

For his part, Tebas demanded the newspaper make a correction, saying the report “contains assertions and false information” that “severely damages my honor” and La Liga’s “image”.

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