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بالبلدي: نظرة سريعة على "آي أو إس 15"

A quick look at iOS 15 © DPA (Arabic) Apple operating system allows

By Turk Averish

BERLIN, Dec. 12 (DPA) – With the introduction of the new version of Apple’s operating system for mobile devices, the US company FASTIME has given all users the ability to read texts directly from the camera while focusing more on working. Here you can see the most important new functions in the new “iOS 15” operating system.

FaceTime Function: The function of sharing FaceTime video calls through Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge web browser is one of the most important new functionality in the new Apple operating system “iOS 15”, which can be used by all users. Portrait mode, which works to hide the background and thanks to 3D sound technology or sound isolation.

Focus: Apple has announced a new functionality that helps reduce user distractions during work or training, and the new “Focus” function filters application notifications based on location, for example, if the user is unaware of the type of applications, its notifications may necessarily be muted, and they may show suggestions based on context. No need to worry if the user works ‘temporarily’ too much because there are automatic responses.

Announcements: Apple has changed the format of announcements and increased the size of the app icons, in addition, the option to enable the new general view, in which the summary of notifications will be displayed at specific intervals. Morning, evening or absence period when the focus function is running at a specific time.

Safari: Apple has moved the address bar and browser tab bar across the top and bottom of the page so that the user can use the mobile device with one hand and the user will need some time to use the new ones. If the user does not get any benefit from the situation and the new mode, he can return to the original state.

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The new functionality includes the ability to group tabs and sync them across multiple devices, and additional web tools known as Safari browser add-ons for the iOS operating system are available for download. App Store.

Live Texts: The new Apple iOS 15 system allows the ability to read information from a live camera image or translate it into different languages, much like the Google Lens function, but Apple calls this function Livetext, which allows users to use texts faster. The user points the smartphone camera at a phone number, and the iPhone recommends that the user call that number, search for something on the Internet, or translate related text into another language.

Photos: The Photos app currently contains a lot of information about the photo in question, including the device (camera and lens) being photographed, the exposure time, the file size and the contact in question, as well as the date. , The time and text of the photo, as well as the location of the photo taken on the small map. The info button also provides the ability to perform a “visual search” of image information on the Internet.

Weather: Apple has designed a new framework and developed the weather app by providing more details, and the app currently shows the most relevant algorithms for everyday life, i.e. the temperature, which is perceived and for the first time it is possible to display weather maps in full screen.

Emojis: Apple calls customizable emojis emojis and now offers users new options to customize emojis by changing the colors of clothes or using some new glasses.

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Note that the “iOS 15” and “iPad OS 15” operating systems are available for iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets running “iOS 14” and “iPad OS 14”. Newer operating systems can be installed automatically or downloaded manually via the “Settings / General / Software Update” menu.

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