March 25, 2023

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A rare astronomical phenomenon in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world

A rare astronomical phenomenon in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world

The skies of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world are expected to witness the sunrise on Sunday, May 01, 2022, just before sunrise – an exceptional link between Venus and Jupiter because they are so close apart and so small. A fraction (0.2) of the degree is on the southeastern horizon, the last of which occurred in August 2016.

For his part, the president of the Astronomical Society in Jeddah, Eng. Majeed Abu Zahira confirmed to Al that in our view on Earth conjunction occurs when the planets appear close to each other and usually at a distance between. Objects vary from 0.5 degrees to 9 degrees when merging, and sometimes the planets get closer – this happened in 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn were separated by less than 0.1 degree at the junction.

The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter occurs once a year, but this year the two planets will appear much closer than usual because the observer will see the two planets with the naked eye as they touch each other, and due to the glow that emerges from them, he will see them merge into a much brighter glow.

The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter is obvious, as Jupiter’s orbit is closer to the Sun than Earth’s, and Jupiter’s orbit is more than 600 million kilometers apart. So the approach between them is not real, it happens because Earth, Venus and Jupiter are aligned in space and almost on the same side of the solar system.

He pointed out that Venus would be the brightest planet between the two with a luminosity of (-4.1) compared to Jupiter – (2.1-). Through telescopes or a small telescope Jupiter will appear larger than Venus, with its four large moons you will go with it.

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He explained that the moon is in the new moon and as long as the sky is clear it is easy to see the two planets touching the sky almost and can observe the connection from anywhere in the world. Until March 2023 the planets will not appear very close again.

It has been noted that after the merging day, the apparent distance between Jupiter and Venus gradually increases and moves away from each other.