March 24, 2023

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A significant expansion between the "foreign brethren"

A significant expansion between the “foreign brethren”

The “Shura” formed a team to carry out the tasks of the “guide” … and fired Maunir again.

The differences between the Istanbul and London fronts of the fraternity increased significantly after the formation of a committee to accept the guiding functions of the “General Shura Council of the Brotherhood” and the removal of Ibrahim Munir from his post again. In recent weeks, the crisis of the “Foreign Brotherhood” has seen a continuing struggle to resolve the “war to manage the system” between the two fronts.

The Istanbul Front, led by the organisation’s former secretary general Mahmoud Hussein, announced the removal of Ibrahim Munir, the leader of the London Front, from his acting fraternity leadership, citing the fact that the Shura Council had already decided to remove him. The “Istanbul Front” in an official statement the day before yesterday decided to convene (the General Shura Council) and form a (temporary committee) in the name of its members (General Guide’s Executive Committee). The members of the committee will be announced at a time specified by the council.

Commenting on this, Amr Abdel Monim, an analyst who specializes in fundamentalist issues in Egypt, confirmed that “the Shura’s latest announcement confirms that all attempts within the organization (to heal the divisions) have failed.” The decision to dismiss Munir was not implemented “because not every front could solve the problem.” War is in his favor, or even the selection of members (Shura Council) or the interpretation of the rules of regulation. An event without them. “

Abdel Monim told Asharq Al-Awsat yesterday that “the system now sees (ambiguity), lack of vision, confusion, data war and internal divisions.”

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