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A source close to the family of Saad al-Jabri reveals to CNN the details of the settlement with Mohammed bin Salman


DUBAI: A close aide to the family of Saad al-Jafri, a former Saudi security adviser to the United Arab Emirates (CNN), confirmed in a special statement to CNN in Arabic on Friday that he had given the opportunity to bring the law to an end. The deposit was funded in exchange for the release of his son Umar and his daughter Sarah, who were detained in Saudi Arabia.

And U.S. sources, in a statement to CNN, said the White House Arranges for the meeting The meeting between US President Joe Biden and the Saudi prince is likely to take place next month. He pointed out that attempts to organize the meeting came amid a number of controversies, such as the assassination of Jamal Kashoki and the al-Jafri case. Sources said al-Jabri had recently told the White House that he would settle all legal and financial disputes with Saudi Arabia if he returned his two sons.

A source close to al-Jabri’s family said, “Although Dr. Chad denies any wrongdoing, he offered to end the legal battle with Mohammed bin Salman and resolve all financial issues in good faith in exchange for the release of both hostages. Sarah and Omar.”

The source added, “This offer is in the interests of the United States and Saudi Arabia, and if successful, it would end legal proceedings that would expose state secrets related to counter-terrorism operations that have saved thousands of American and Saudi lives.”

Evidence close to al-Jabri’s family continued, “If the Saudi government does not accept this offer, the US federal court will dismiss the allegations of corruption against Dr. Chad, proving that the financial charges are a false excuse to escape. From the continued intimidation of Dr. Chad and his family.”

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