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A spontaneous situation reveals Ben Affleck’s jealousy of Jennifer Lopez

Fri 12 May 2023 / 16:38

A cautious discussion between American actor Ben Affleck and his wife, actress and singer Jennifer Looper during the premiere of his new movie “The Mother” in Los Angeles, which the audience could not enter its details through the lenses of photographers. Produced by Netflix.

But the analysis was difficult for the masses, understood by a special “lip reader” of the newspaper.Daily MailThe Brit emphasized that the couple did not need to raise their voices to understand the details of what they were talking about. Although they seemed frustrated and angry at times, they were having a very normal discussion between a jealous man and a liberal woman. .

The expert, who was not named in the magazine, said that after reading the pictures and videos of the details of the lip movements, it was clear that Lopez was nervous, so she moved towards Affleck, asking him if the clothes were lined up. The wear revealed many details of her body, prompting him to reply that the matter was the same.

And there are only a few moments – according to the expert – until Ben appears to be begging Jennifer to approach him, wrapping her in his arms, “Don’t worry, my love,” to which he replies: “Come closer. To me.” After taking the picture, he turned to her and asked if she was tensed. It could go, he accepted, affirming that things went well, but hoped it wouldn’t happen again.

Some commentators said Ben seemed angry and pitiful because the paparazzi was jealous of his personal life, which had lost its privacy, especially after rumors of problems between them after a similar spontaneous situation when they attended the Grammy Awards. February.

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