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A theory that talks about a “dual planet” for the globe, but time goes by


LONDON – Al-Guds al-Arabi: Astronomers and astronomers have developed a new theory that speaks to the existence of a “twin planet” on Earth, which could represent the existence of life in the universe other than what we know. , Or perhaps the possibility of moving to live in space.

But the hypothesis says, “the dual planet goes backwards over time,” that is, it is “an opposing universe” and goes backwards in time instead of moving forward as we do on Earth.
According to the website “LiveScience”, which specializes in scientific and technological news, the theory assumes that the early universe was small, warm, dense, regular, and that time was uniform, moving back and forth.
Scientists say, “If this is true, the new theory is that the dark matter is not so mysterious, and that it is a new shadow of a kind of ghost called a neutrino that can only exist in this kind of universe.”
The theory is that there will be no need for a period of rapid inflation in the young universe soon after the Big Bang. If this is true, future experiments to search for gravitational waves or to determine the mass of neutrinos could definitively answer whether such a glass-resistant universe exists.
Physicists have identified a set of basic symmetries in nature. The three most important symmetries are: charge (if you flip the charges of all the particles in contact with the opposite charge you will get the same contacts), valence (if you look at the mirror image of the contacts you will get the same result) and time (if you run the reaction on time it will be the same.)
Physical contact is often managed by these symmetries, i.e. there are sometimes violations. But physicists have never noticed a violation of the set of three symmetries simultaneously. If you take every contact you find in nature, flip the charges, take a mirror image, and activate them in a timely manner, these interactions work just as well.
In a new research study recently accepted for publication in physics, scientists have proposed to expand this general symmetry.
In other words, this idea of ​​symmetry extends to the mere ‘phase’ of the ‘actors’ (forces and fields) in the universe, the whole physical matter of the universe. Creating Dark Matter We live in a world of expansion.
This universe is full of many particles that do many interesting things, and the evolution of the universe is progressing over time. If we expand the symmetrical concept that encompasses the entire universe, our view of the universe cannot be a complete picture.
The researchers found that the conditions imposed by the observance of symmetry would fill our universe with right-handed neutrinos, which is enough to explain the dark matter.
According to the hypothesis, we can not reach our twin just because it is “behind” the Big Bang, i.e. before the beginning of our universe, but that does not mean we can not test this idea.

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