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A woman and 3 men from NASA fly around the moon 50 years after the last flight


Four astronauts will pave the way for a stable base on the moon’s surface and a space station that will continue to orbit around it.

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Today, Monday, the American “NASA” announced at a press conference the names of 3 men and one woman among the 12 astronauts who will fly around the moon at the end of next year, as part of the second mission. The Artemis program aimed to send crews to the moon after the last manned mission, pioneered by the famous “Apollo” program in 1972, more than 50 years ago.

American Christina Koch, 44, as well as her predecessor Gregory Weisman, a year older, are among the pioneers scheduled to make a non-landing trip to the moon, in a project aimed at returning people. The third is Victor Glover, 48, who will become the first person, if all goes well, to reach the lunar surface. Fourth, Air Force Colonel Jeremy Hansen, a Canadian pioneer, was born 47 years ago in London, Ontario.

As “NASA” announced at its conference, it is planned that four astronauts will pave the way for the creation of a stable base on the surface of the Moon, followed by an orbiting space station. Through its website “Al”, it touched on the “Artemis” project, which in December 2020, completed its first mission, culminating in the launch of a large generation missile with high-capacity and a 25-day long unmanned test flight with the newly built “Orion” vehicle. Gone are the tremendous abilities.

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As for “Artemis 2”, which will start next year, a trip lasting 10 days, during which the vehicle will travel two million 300 thousand kilometers and fly around the moon and then return from it, after confirming all the Orion related life support devices and other devices designed by “NASA” deep Operating with the presence of precursors in space. Years later, NASA plans to land the first astronauts, including a woman, on the moon as part of the Artemis 3 mission, and then continue to launch roughly one manned Artemisat each year.

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