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Abdullah al-Hamad: 260 million doses of corona vaccine from the “Alliance of Hope” for 60 countries


Abu Dhabi (Etihad)

On the eve of World Immunization Week, Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Hamad, Head of the Abu Dhabi Health Department, said: “We remember the importance of vaccines in our lives, the lives of our communities, productivity and competitiveness. We all deny the importance of vaccines, not just in our lives in general, but in the last two years, vaccines have played a vital role in protecting millions of people around the world from danger and continue to play a role. Death or serious illness caused by a global epidemic never before seen by our generation.

  • Abdullah Al Hamad

The Hon’ble added: The model of the famous use of vaccines in Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates was a living and global witness to a rational leadership that provided the vision, guidance and support to reach the pinnacle of the United Arab Emirates. Vaccinated population, low mortality rate and hospitalization worldwide.
Since the onset of the epidemic, under the guidance and vision of intelligent leadership and competent national task forces, we have realized the importance of vaccines to overcome this global crisis, and Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates have contributed to support. Experts, specialists and their teams have developed many safe and effective vaccines locally and globally within ten months of the onset of the epidemic, an unprecedented achievement in the world. Abu Dhabi’s contributions have been great in developing these vaccines and helping the world to get rid of the disease quickly, but the most important of them is to carry out the largest clinical trials for Govt vaccines in one place, in record time. According to the highest quality.
He pointed out that clinical trials in Abu Dhabi provided one of the most widely used vaccines in the world. In parallel, production of these and other vaccines was launched in the Emirates and several countries in the region. Because of this experience of global repercussions, the Emirate of Abu Dhabi was chosen, represented by Her Excellency Dr. Farida Al Hosani, Specialist in Infectious Diseases and Executive Director of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Abu Dhabi Public Health Center. Become a member of the World Health Organization’s vaccination team. Abu Dhabi continued to provide solutions and did not stop at the production of clinical trials and vaccines, but rather benefited from Abu Dhabi’s strategic location and unique infrastructure, with the cooperation of partners, the “Alliance of Hope”, within a year. Its release has contributed to the distribution of more than 260 million vaccines in more than 60 countries worldwide. Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Hamad said: Abu Dhabi is characterized by a pioneering community vaccination program because at the same time we faced the Govt-19 epidemic together, our staff did not stop making regular and seasonal vaccinations for our children and loved ones. Provides immunization services to the general public against various infectious diseases at different ages, including childhood vaccinations, travel vaccines, Hajj and Umrah and seasonal vaccinations. On this occasion, I urge all members of the community to benefit from the vaccination programs provided to ensure that they achieve their health and well-being and that they and their families enjoy a better life. He concluded: We look to the future with greater confidence in our capabilities and our global position in the field of vaccines, their development and delivery to our communities and those around us. This belief comes from a clear vision and the presence of support. The importance of a rational leadership that believes in science and its benefits and the importance of investing in it, as well as the presence of trusted and international staff who lead the world in this field today.

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