February 7, 2023

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Abdullah Al Hamad: "Emirates Medical Day" is an occasion to celebrate "heroes of the first line of defense".

Abdullah Al Hamad: “Emirates Medical Day” is an occasion to celebrate “heroes of the first line of defense”.

Abu Dhabi (WAM)

Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Hamad, Head of the Health Department in Abu Dhabi, stressed that “Emirates Medical Day” is an important occasion to celebrate and celebrate the efforts of first-line security personnel. Participate in the parade of the health sector in the country. In his speech on the eve of Emirates Medical Day, which is being celebrated for the first time today, he said: We appreciate the initiative of the Emirates Medical Association. Their commitment to the health sector, their tireless work and commitment to maintaining the health and safety of community members. Mankind is serving everyone amidst the challenges the world has seen over the past two years. He added: “The healthcare sector is one of the fastest growing sectors and has been able to attract a team of talented and specialized professionals over the past few years, strengthen effective partnerships, enhance absorption capabilities and enrich scientific research efforts. Its status in reputed health systems around the world. He continued, “Under the guidance and support of intelligent leadership, Abu Dhabi has been able to set a pioneering role in dealing with the epidemic, leading the world in responding to the epidemic and maintaining health and safety. It played an important role in dealing with (the epidemic) and distinguished the response of the health sector and the achievements of these important achievements. Appreciated and honored both domestically and globally.
He said: “In the health sector, we are keen to improve the skills and expertise of workers in the health sector by developing and initiating programs that will help improve the skills of workers, enrich and enable their knowledge. Keep up to date with the latest advances in healthcare and ensure that they provide the highest quality healthcare services, with the best and quality degrees in line with the latest international practices.

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