June 8, 2023

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Abdullah bin Talmouk: Cultural and traditional heritage is strong

Abdullah bin Talmouk: Cultural and traditional heritage is strong

Abdullah Hamdan bin Dalmouk, CEO of the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Center for Traditional Renaissance, confirmed that despite the tremendous growth that the Emirate has witnessed, the cultural and heritage heritage is still strong. The life of the people of Dubai, contributed to the preservation of this heritage.

In an interview with Emirates news agency WAM, he said that despite the rapid growth and tremendous progress in urbanization and technology, the country has seen a tremendous growth over the past ten years, all of which have affected the relationship that binds Emirates. People enjoy a uniqueness that distinguishes the Emirates from other countries for their brilliant leadership, which is like a caring father’s relationship with his family, and the policy and practices followed by the government close to them have shaped the characteristics of the Emirates. Country.

Bin Dolmook added that hobbies vary, with one group interested in land and the other at sea … pointing to four traditional symbols that make up the true content of Emirates’ historical heritage, namely: the ship, the camel. , Palm tree and livestock and the citizen can choose to practice one of these traditional hobbies according to his preferences and fishing as the government provides facilities and incentives for the fishermen who support this industry.

Regarding how to celebrate Eid al-Fitr, he said: “In the past, we would meet in residential areas in the evenings to chat, with one of the participants praying or sparring, and everyone interacting with him.”

The CEO of the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Center for Heritage Renaissance added: “The Center not only plays digitally through social media, but also plays an important role in preserving heritage through religious events. We organize courses, events and workshops for children, where we teach them to swim, shoot, ride horses and ride camels, and teach them how to live. Be desert and confident.

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Commenting on how to extend Emirates’ heritage to different nations in the country, he said: “We have organized a series of events for foreigners and have published several books in many languages, such as” Al-Mudassif “and” Al. “

Responding to a question on how to present the heritage of the United Arab Emirates globally, he said that the Center takes advantage of any opportunity to participate in exhibitions, lectures or outdoor discussions and has collaborated with UNESCO in conducting training classes. Expo 2020.