April 2, 2023

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Abu Dhabi Police raises awareness about operational integrity for 59,000 people

Abu Dhabi Police raises awareness about operational integrity for 59,000 people

The Abu Dhabi Police Raised Anti-Corruption Awareness and spread the idea of ​​solidarity to about 59,000 people by 2021, under the slogan “Their Beliefs” in the second edition of the Anti – Corruption Campaign through lectures and workshops for government and private companies. Be careful “.
In a statement issued on the eve of International Anti-Corruption Day on December 9 each year, it called for raising awareness among the public not to abuse office or power for personal gain, bribery or fraud, and not to seek support. Other acts that come in the name of corruption that an employee or company may commit at the expense of others, and in the pursuit of material or moral gain for the purpose of his or her work.
He praised the co-ordination and co-operation with the partners to spread the idea of ​​unity in the community and to stand as an impossible bulwark in confronting those who are corrupt and corrupt. He pointed to the efforts of the Anti-Corruption Department and the success of the Cooperation Organization with its partners through various government and private organizations. Improving functional integrity and positive values.
He explained that the campaign for their foundations, as part of its strategy to address community corruption, focuses on integrating the concept of functional integration into the values ​​of own and good citizenship, and targets multiple organizations, organizations and local sectors. And cooperation with competent authorities to achieve a cohesive organization towards a safer and more stable society. The campaign, which aims to call on believers to fulfill their beliefs, fulfill their obligations and safeguard the interests of others, focuses on the importance of safeguarding public money, avoiding illicit gain, and abusing position or power. Benefits, strengthening religious faith, not satisfied with the use of laws. Methods and Methods of Campaign Lectures, televised workshops and posters published by various media, focusing on educating members of the community about the dangers of legal abuse and promoting ethical ideas of operational integration in line with international needs.

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The report highlights the efforts of the Abu Dhabi Police to provide effective services and awareness programs to strengthen the formal endeavors and to establish constructive corporate partnerships within its framework to define the risks of work corruption, point out, prevent and isolate its harms. Abu Dhabi Emirate Security role in coordinating the rule of law to get rid of this crime.

He sought to enrich the social awareness of the need to report corruption cases, to change the ideas and culture that prevent such cases from being reported, to spread operational values, to enforce law enforcement and law enforcement, and to promote organizations. Workshops and campaigns that contribute to the development of enlightenment thinking with functional integration. Abu Dhabi Police Target Committees promote the culture of integrity, honesty and accountability, integrate the concept of internal control and accountability in the workplace, prevent the risks of legal abuse, define state achievements in the field of operational integrity, and provide information and information on the use of information systems. Prioritize the public interest in doing.
It urged members of the community to work together to improve the civilized image of the community by contacting the “Aman” service at 8002626 or texting 2828. Would be useful to strengthen security efforts.