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Actress Abla Kamal would have thrown her out of the serial “I will not live in my father’s jellaba” because of the stench! The release caused quite a stir



The talented artist Abla Kamel presented more than 100 works of art in his artistic career, which varied between cinema, television and radio plays and plays, to achieve great success and write his name with light letters in the history of Egyptian art.

Abla Kamal has played various roles between comedy and tragedy as she is one of those few people who can bring smiles and happiness to the faces of the audience and make them cry in the same act.

In 1996, artist Abla Kamel gave one of her most important roles in Egyptian drama, the portrayal of the character “Fatima Khoshari” in the famous series “I Will Not Live in My Father’s Gown”, in which Abla Kamel co-starred with the late artist Noor Sharif, his wife and her struggle. Played partner, which bore him 5 sons.

Sons of Fatima and Abdel Ghafoor Al-Borai, 4 “Sunni” daughters, Naheed Rushdi, “Nazira” Hanan Turk, “Nafisa” Sandal Salama and “Bahira” Wafa Sadiq, and one son, “Abdul-Wahhab.” Rosaline or Amina. “Muhammad Riyad who married Enas Makki.

Abla Kamal’s flamboyant performance as a mother to these sons and a mother-in-law to his son’s wife, who is younger than some, has made the audience go unnoticed.

Abla Kamel proves to be younger than actress Nahit Rushdie who played her daughter “Sunya” and also younger than artist Inas Maki who played her daughter-in-law Rosaleen or Amina. “.

The age difference between Abla Kamal and the previous two stars favors “Fatima Khoshari” as “Kamal” was born in 1960, while “Rushti” was born on September 15, 1956, while “Makki” was born on October 10, 1956. .

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Abla Kamal’s mastery of the role and her depth in the details of the character make her appear older than her with a clear Sunni distinction, however contrary to what appears in the series and the contrast between her and others, her children are no more than 10 years old in the work “Wafa Sadiq – Muhammad Riad – Sandal Salama”. .

The star, Nahid Rushdie, was a guest on an episode of “The Women Don’t They Lie” hosted by media professionals Moufida Shiha, Zuhair Gouda and Mona Abdel Ghani on CBC Screen.

“Rushti” spoke via Skype about the scenes of the series “I will not live in my father’s gown”, which became a huge hit and topped the trends of social networking sites despite the passage of 25 years since its premiere.

Nahet said the series was a huge success after it was first shown 25 years ago, but the continuation of that success is a blessing from God.

He added that the director of the series, Ahmad Tawfiq, wanted to retell the events of the series in a way that was close to reality, so he was keen that the representatives of the “Abdul Ghafoor Al-Borai” family should be the same. Features indicate that he interrupted filming for a period of time until the artist Hanan Turk finished another job, with whom he was associated at the time.

Also regarding the scenes of the series, Nahed explained that artiste Abla Kamal would cook a lot of food at home and bring it to the shooting location and most of the food was laced with garlic and the smell of the place changed immediately, which caused anger. Rabab Hussain, the series’ executive director, added: “I told Abla, I’m going.” Because of you.. I go home everyday, I smell Tom and I follow jokes. They will kick us out. Tom’s scent. ».

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She got married during the filming of the series and her son Ahmed is 8 years old and Dina is 3 years old, and pointed out that her daughter was very angry at the scene of artist Noor Sharif while showing the series. She beats her so much that she wants to break the TV.

Nahed pointed out that the late artist Zuhair al-Baroni helps his colleagues choose their clothes in the series: “I’m not in the stylist”, emphasizing that the late artist Nour al-Sharif always guides them. Right and giving them many useful suggestions.

He said that the series gave young people great hope in life and showed them the opportunity to create great wealth in new and legitimate ways, as did the series’ protagonist Abdul Ghafoor Al-Borai. “, he was personified by Noor al-Sharif.

Starring Noor Al Sharif, Abla Kamel, Muhammad Riyad, Hanan Turk, Nahid Rushdi, Wafa Sadiq, “I Will Not Live In My Father’s Gown” directed by Ahmad Tawfiq, story and lyrics by Ihsan Abdel Qudoos and lyrics by Mustafa Muharram.

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Harry Potter star Michael Combs has died



Harry Potter star Michael Combs has died

Shanas Al-Maliki –

The international Irish artist Michael Camban, the hero of the English film series “Harry Potter” popular worldwide, has topped the trend on the global search engine “Google” due to his death a few days ago. Hour by hour, the number of clicks increased by citizens of the world and Kampan’s fans. Search the search engines to confirm the accuracy of his obituary.

Death of Michael Comban

The Guardian newspaper recently reported that the international actor and hero of the movie Harry Potter has died at the age of 80. Gambon suffered from pneumonia, after which his health deteriorated and he passed away this morning. Aged 82, it brought him back. One of his last works was in Alan Bennett’s The Habit of Art at the National Theatre, and weeks ago he was replaced by Richard Griffiths.

Irish international artist Michael Combon

Michael Gambon

Michael Gambon, the hero of the Harry Potter films and one of the most famous actors in the world, especially after his participation in the Harry Potter series, was born in Ireland in 1940 and presented the character “Albus Dumbledore”. Under the management of Laurence Olivier, the emerging nationalist later moved to cinema.

He won an Olivier Award, and his major film roles include Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series. During his exceptional acting career, he gave roles that began at the New National Theater under the management of Laurence Olivier and later transitioned to cinema.

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Harry Potter series

The Harry Potter series is the most popular of all time in the world and has a huge fan following. Among its most famous heroes are Michael Combs, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton, Matthew Lewis and others.

Harry Potter series

The Harry Potter series mourns Michael

Actor James Phelps, who played Fred Weasley in the Harry Potter film series, heard the news and expressed his deep sadness at the death of a living legend in the film industry.

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Iman al-Youssef mixes myth with reality in a novel



Iman al-Youssef mixes myth with reality in a novel

Sharjah – Ashraf Ibrahim

Iman Al-Youssef is a novelist and storyteller with an adventurous spirit, which makes her think about future literature. Her writings are full of questions and experiments, and she has managed to create a special approach for herself. Thinking about the taste and preferences of the readers towards a particular piece of literature and adapting it without fear or concern, this quickens his creative steps in the shadows of the arena. His literary work consists of about 6 works in novels and short stories. : “A Bird in a Fish Tank,” “Human Faces,” “Eggs of Eyes,” “Window,” “Guardian of the Sun,” and “Resurrection of Others.” He has also won awards. Some of his short stories, along with translations of some of his works, have also received theatrical treatment.Beginning with living languages, especially realistic literature, he moved to fantasy in search of new land and others. Faces appear in the stories of characters in a calculated manner, following a different flow of idea in its spirit by explaining it in the context of its expressive figures under the guise of mythology, superstition, superstition. and absurdity and contradictions that fantasy literature tolerates.

In his yet-to-be-published latest novel, “One Year of Solitude,” Al-Youssef captures unrepeatable scenes of the fate of one of the heroes of a popular novel that won the Nobel Prize and achieved untold sales. A calculated risk, she unleashes this hero and puts him in the heart of life, so that his heart beats with love. He lives in the most strange details in an unusual fantasy style, she chooses a difficult model in recreating the hero’s soul. Changing the course of her life, with a burst of creativity, she draws different rhythms in her fantasy world that reflects her desire to grow and experiment, her aesthetic style reveals contradictions that align with the story. Out-of-the-box ideas to refresh the reader’s memory with the heat of events, while at the same time they shade a core plastic sketch.

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Having started his literary career in a short story tent, he could save many stories he wrote in different periods and find suitable time to include images, scenes and events with intimate content and publish them. Although he was more involved in writing novels in the past, he continues in his short story in a rhythm that mixes reality with myth to reflect his literary vision, in an intense narrative with the beauty of poetry and the fragrance of imagination. Her passion for short-story creativity has not dried up, so she records her thoughts and writes towards the future, where she spontaneously surrenders to the melodies of captivating storytelling and uses her ideas in the same fashion as she manipulates. … The novel is in antithesis.

Al-Yusuf believes that reading is the ink of the writer and one of the most important cultural projects in his life, so he is busy reading scholarly books and contemporary works of fiction, and tries to invest this interest in exploring the depth of historical writings. Knowing the interests of the nations, delving into the corridors of stories drawn from the source of imagination, until she hires them all… What she reads is a continuation of a thought-provoking literary project.

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Magic School headmaster and performance master Michael Gambon has passed away.



Magic School headmaster and performance master Michael Gambon has passed away.

After the disaster in Iraq… How to deal with a fire in a closed space?

News of a fire at a wedding ceremony in Iraq broke the hearts of millions of followers. Not only in our Arab world, but all over the world, especially the emergence of photos and videos from the scene of the accident and the increasing number of victims, prompting many to describe this matter as a real “catastrophe”. “

A fire has broken out at a wedding hall in a city in northern Iraq, and authorities say it was caused by “firecrackers” and highly flammable building materials. At least 100 people were killed, and more than 150 were injured, according to the untold numbers released by authorities.

At the time of the fire, there were about 900 guests in the hall, which did not meet safety requirements, the interior ministry said.

Disaster caused by a fire inside a closed hall during a wedding in Iraq (DPA).

Here we all have the following question: “How do we react in case of fire in a closed space?”

In his interview with Asharq Al-Awsad, Michael Saliba, an expert in charge of managing the “Internal Rescue and Fire Training School” at the Central Operations Headquarters of the Lebanese Civil Defense, explains that it is important not to immediately panic when an explosion is felt. Try to focus on the fire, and the action, and exit as quietly as possible.

According to the Lebanese civil defense official, the basic steps to follow include:

– Do not immediately rush towards the main door, especially if you are far away.

– Try to stay calm and not panic, focus on knowing the evacuation plan.

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– Checking emergency exits (EXIT), and trying to hear the evacuation plan. This happens by observing the instructions of the authorities within the place.

– When calculating the exits, you can go to the nearest door and exit through it without participating in the crowd.

– Creating awareness among people by informing them of the need to go to emergency exits closest to them and not to the main door.

– Try to use an emergency extinguisher if you find it near you, but without adding time, especially if the situation worsens.

It is important not to hide in an enclosed space because of the lack of oxygen that comes with any fire outbreak.

– Jump out of the window in emergency situations only if the situation permits (low floor).

– Do not participate in firefighting unless you have firefighting training and knowledge of the subject. Because any wrong methods can increase the damage, not the other way around.

The importance of awareness and preparedness

Saliba emphasizes that to avoid loss of life in the event of a fire, it is necessary to spread awareness in communities about how to react during these incidents and create an emergency plan that can be easily implemented in all indoor locations.

The expert continued: “It is essential that every indoor hall, restaurant or conference hall has a clear plan for evacuation of people in case of fire, which includes emergency extinguishers (at least two) and emergency exits appropriate to the location. .”

Saliba explained, “For example, if the hall can accommodate 100 people, exits should be equipped so that one person can leave every 3 seconds. Therefore, the number or size of exits should be increased according to the number of people the hall will accommodate. .”

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He pointed out the importance of creating awareness among students in schools and stressed that personnel everywhere should follow the instructions posted on the website of the Department of Civil Defense on a seasonal basis. Emergency evacuations around them.

The expert also touched on the need for “internal security officials to keep pace with new technology and construction materials.” He said, “There are devices that are automatically activated when there is a fire and we have to follow the new materials used in construction to find out how dangerous they are and try to make an emergency plan after studying the materials. The time it takes for them to ignite.”

Fire inside the house

If the fire is inside the house, for example, the “YAZA Public Safety” organization in Lebanon says, via its website, that the characteristics and source must first be determined; To know the behavior to follow.

He points out that a person should be calm, courageous and self-controlled.

In the event of a house fire, one should act according to the following steps according to YASA: protection, evacuation, reporting and extinguishing. In the event of a fire, you should immediately think about ensuring personal safety, not exposing yourself to danger, evacuating the building directly away from the occupants through escape routes and not using electric elevators.

Then call the emergency numbers and report the accident.

Yasa explains that if the fire exceeds the controllable level, you should evacuate immediately, don’t be distracted by putting on clothes or taking valuables to save your life.

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The group explains that after leaving the house, all doors must be closed; Because air currents entering from doors and windows increase the intensity of fire.

However, if the person has no way out of the house, he should not jump from the windows unless he is on the ground or first floor. If he is on higher floors, he should wait near a window to attract the attention of firemen until he is rescued, and he should not return to the house until the fire is completely extinguished.

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