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After $ 15,000, a Diablo immortal warrior received a famous gem

After $ 15,000, a Diablo immortal warrior received a famous gem

Indestructible Diablo

Picture: Blizzard

We last recorded access to the streaming device Queen His efforts to find a way to more fame Indestructible DiabloAnd this He spent $ 6,600 and never reached the five-star legendary gem. Happiness in doubling the investment and announcing the last robbery (?)

Like that I wrote it a month ago:

After a while, you’ll think you’ll end up with some of the best equipment in the game, a 5-star legendary gem, because the law of averages works just like that, doesn’t it? Worst! Quin69 As clearly shown here the law of averages is inherently cruel and unpredictable, which is why bookmakers have used it since the dawn of history, and why it is like games. Indestructible Diablo Built on predatory economic models designed to exploit the most dangerous and vulnerable psychological impulses of the population.

It was then! Now, Quinn has spent NZ $ 25,165 ($ 15,818) on the game, including NZ $ 10,000. Single stream—5 Star Legendary Gem contains:

Remember, buy your way to these items It’s not the only way to get itAlso, as we saw here, this is actually a very bad path, but it does not matter. The point here is that one of the reasons why the economy of predatory games is being absorbed is to keep it as an option!

Like that Kodaku AU Wrote When he talks about his “success”:

Quinn has certainly attracted a fair share of criticism throughout the experience. Outbursts of anger over his reckless spending and failed fall often call into question his emotional stability. Others, even in our opinion, were not pleased to see that he had given the blizzard what he wanted: his money. In the end, he proved his point. The five-star hunt for legendary gems is a wild ride designed to empty the player’s bank accounts as little as possible.

Anyway, thank you for your service, Quin69. You can now stop playing Diablo Immortal permanently.

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