May 28, 2023

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After a breakup that didn’t last two weeks, Tamer Hosni reunites with his ex-wife Basma

Egyptian star Tamer Hosni met his ex-wife Basma Bousil for the first time since the divorce, at the birthday party of their daughters Amaya and Talia, in an atmosphere of appreciation that brought together friends.

Basma documented the ceremony by posting several videos and photos through the Al-Astory feature on her account on the social networking site Instagram, and Tamer appeared in one video carrying her daughter, while Basma carried their son and danced behind a candy bar. To the tunes of the Egyptian star’s “Happy New Year”.

The video was widely circulated on social media, where Internet pioneers praised the healthy relationship that brought them together for the sake of their children after the divorce, while some focused on the case of Tamar Hosni and considered that she is not comfortable and happy, but instead tries to show it, unlike Basma.
The star, Tamer Hosni, and his ex-wife, retired artist, Basma Bausil, were eager to wish their two daughters, Talia and Amaya, on their birthdays, and each party was eager to mention the latter. Putting the same words and pictures, and many red hearts.
Basma Bausil celebrated her two daughters’ birthdays by posting a picture of them wearing a t-shirt bearing the image of their father Tamer Hosni; Through the “Story” feature on the “Instagram” website.
Tamer Hosni reposted Basma Boucil’s “Astory” in it, commenting: “Happy New Year my dear heart.. God bless you and me and the world’s most beautiful uncle Basma.”