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After disappointing results .. 5 possible places from United to Ronaldo


The British newspaper “Express” reported that Ronaldo was not in the team.Red demons“Playing in the European League or under the leadership of a coach has to face a series of negative results Soulscare.

He added, “Therefore, it is not excluded that he will demand Ronaldo If the team continues to disappoint, they should leave at the end of the current season.

If Ronaldo decides to leave United during the summer transfer of 2022, the Spanish newspaper “Marca” has revealed five possible places.

Paris Saint-Germain

With the expiration of the contract Kylian Mbabane In June, and Real Madrid were eager to sign the French international, Ronaldo appears to be a good candidate to fill a striker’s gap. Paris Saint-Germain.

And if Ronaldo signs a contract with the Paris Club, football fans around the world will see the dream “Dawn”. And Lionel Messi On a team.

The real Madrid

Ronaldo left the team The real Madrid In 2018 the Spanish player joins the Italian club Juventus.

Last summer there were reports that “Dan” was ready to return to “Maringi”, noting that the Portuguese international maintained good relations with the Spanish team.

Game Lisbon

The Manchester United striker had previously hinted at the possibility of joining his childhood club Sporting Lisbon in 2003.

Inter Miami

In 2020, the owner of “Inter Miami” revealed David Beckham He expressed his desire to bring in stars like Messi and Ronaldo to promote the club’s brand name, which could be one of the “don” options.


The world cannot deny such an opportunity FootballIn particular, former Barcelona manager Tony Frisca said it was time to bring Ronaldo back to Spanish “La Liga”.

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