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After getting angry over the “semen” abduction of Palestinian prisoners, the “Princess” decided to stop filming!



Princess movie

The family of the film “Amira” has said that the controversial film “Amira” will be stopped in connection with the abduction of “semen” from Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

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The Jordanian Ministry of Culture refuses to ban the screening of a film

The family of the film has confirmed that “Palestinian prisoners and their feelings are our priority and our main issue, so any scenes in the film will be stopped and we demand that a special committee be set up to see the prisoners and their families.” And discuss it. We believe in the purity of what we have provided in Amira’s film, without any abuse of prisoners and the case. “Palestinian”.

The statement added: “The film was screened at the Venice Festival in September 2021, followed by screenings at the El Gauna and Carthage festivals in the Arab world, and was viewed by thousands of Arab, Palestinian and international audiences. . “

He continued, “The family of the film was fully aware of the issue of sperm abduction and the sanctity of free children, which is why the story of the film was fictional and it was decided to declare that it would not happen. . The parents of the children have been confirmed. The abductions are still a mystery. “

He explained, “The family of the film did not leave the matter to the narrator, but rather confirmed through this sentence that the film was fictional, that the actual abduction pattern was unknown and that the age of the protagonist in the film was logically 18 years. Contrary to the beginning of the attempt to smuggle sperm in 2012.”

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“The film, which depicts the suffering and heroism of prisoners and their families, shows the metal of the Palestinian character, always trying to find a way to resist and continue, and to deeply explore the importance of children,” the statement said. Freedom for the Palestinians. “

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The film's angry attitudes continue

The family of the film understands the anger that many feel is abusing the prisoners and their families, and we understand that this is national anger, but we hope to see the film before the verdict. A transfer or a fragment. “

The “Princess” movie, which is scheduled to represent Jordan at the 2022 Oscars for films, sparked controversy a day after it was shown at the “Karama Human Rights Movies” festival in the Jordanian capital Amman.

The film deals with the issue of ejaculation of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons, including the so-called “ambassadors of freedom” and the “abuse of children born of those sperm.” The “Israeli story” of sperm abduction, which Palestinians consider a form of struggle.

Source: RT

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