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After Ghannouchi’s arrest, Tunisian authorities arrested Ennahda leaders, and Said spoke of a national liberation war | news



Today, Tuesday, Tunisian authorities banned meetings at all Ennahda party headquarters, and police closed down the headquarters of the Salvation Front meetings hours after Ennahda movement leader Rashid Ghannouchi and 3 party leaders were arrested.

Reuters reported on the banning of meetings and the closing of the headquarters of the Salvation Front, which it attributed to “partisan and official sources”.

For its part, the Ennahda movement reported that yesterday, Monday, the security forces raided the house of the movement’s leader and speaker of the dissolved parliament, Rashid Khannouchi (81 years old), and took him to an unknown location in defiance of the simple law. Procedures.

The movement condemned what it described as a “dangerous development” and demanded the immediate release of Khannouchi and an end to what it described as the sanctioning of opposition political activists.

He said he believed Rashid Khannouchi had been abducted, noting that his lawyers were barred from entering him after he was taken to the investigation headquarters.

For his part, an official source from the Tunisian Ministry of Interior confirmed that Ghannouchi was arrested on the orders of the public prosecution in the judicial pole for fighting terrorism after his house was raided.

In an emergency message received on Tuesday afternoon, the National Salvation Front General Secretary said that Kannouchi was shifted to the hospital after his condition worsened.

Leaders arrested

“A Tunisia without political Islam, a Tunisia without the left or any other element, is a plan for civil war,” Khannouchi said in a speech at a meeting of the opposition Salvation Front this week.

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“Those who celebrated the revolution are extremists and terrorists, they support civil war,” he added.

The leader of the movement, Noordin al-Arabavi, for his part, condemned the abduction of Rashid Khannouchi, the leader of the movement, by security forces and taken to an unknown location.

Al-Arabavi stressed that Ghannouchi’s arrest represents a negative point in the face of authorities targeting opposition figures.

For his part, Riyad al-Shu’ibi, the political advisor to the head of the Tunisian Ennahda movement, confirmed that police officers had raided the Ennahda movement’s headquarters in Tunis and demanded a policy evacuation of the headquarters for several days for inspection. A judicial sanction.

Al-Shu’ibi said on his official page that the move was a clear violation of the freedom of party and organizational work.

In the same context, Tunisian police arrested three key leaders of the opposition Ennahda party, hours after party leader Rashid Ghannouchi was arrested, prosecutors and party officials said Tuesday.

The arrested officers were Mohamed El Koumani, Belkacem Hassan and Mohamed Sineba, lawyer Monia Bouley told Reuters, and party officials confirmed the matter.

Early on Tuesday, police raided the Ennahda party’s headquarters and evacuated everyone there, launching a one-day search after a court order.

Police this year arrested key political figures they accused of plotting against Saeed after he decided to suspend the work of an elected parliament in 2021 and rule by decree before rewriting the constitution.

On the other hand, Tunisian President Gais Said stepped up his rhetoric on Tuesday, saying that someone was trying to detonate the government from within to turn the country into a group of provinces.

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Saeed added, “Today we are waging a national liberation war to fully impose our sovereignty and we will not give away any part of it.

The Tunisian president felt that “those who try to disrupt the path of the people must be confronted” and said that “the judiciary must play its role in this phase of the country’s transition”.

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