August 15, 2022

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After the news that Jaleela was in a coma due to Morocco … Tamar Hosni leads the course and the evidence reveals the truth of her condition!

Egyptian star Damer Hosni has spearheaded the trend in the past few hours, following reports by Jalila al-Maghrebia about his relationship with her after word spread on the media that she was unwell and in a coma.

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The crisis began after some accounts posted several comments praying for Damer’s fans to heal him. Cunning cinematographer Shaimaa al-Saifi wrote on her Facebook page: “I pray for the healing of artist Damer Hosni. God is enough for me, He is the best agent.” After that, he wrote: “Attack, assault and complete coma.”

Meanwhile, sources close to Damer have denied the news, and in a special statement to “Al-Masri al-Yum” newspaper, a source close to the artist denied the validity of what was reported about his health. Well not affected by any disease and is currently at the shooting site.

The source added: “There is a surprising and fierce denial to the ridiculous rumor that Damar Hosni was released a while ago. He is now in the process of shooting his new film which started shooting 3 days ago and he is not suffering from any fatigue.”

He continued, “We tried to get in touch with the source of the rumor and we sent Tammer Hosni saying he was in a dangerous situation and asked the reason for publishing this, but he did not respond, we said nothing, God forbid. He is the best agent for us too.”

Moroccan artist Jaleela and her close friend Hamoti Hussein said in a live broadcast via Instagram that Damer’s relationship with his wife, retired Moroccan artist Basma Bouz, had been suspended. For about a year and a half, they have been living apart.

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Hussein said he appeared on a live broadcast to seek justice for his girlfriend Jaleela as a result of injustice from the public after he was accused of trying to kidnap Damer from his wife.

He confirmed that Damer had tried to return to Jaleela again because he still loved Jaleela, describing the Egyptian artist and his wife Basma playing in the play in front of everyone after the split. To show that their relationship is normal through their photos posted on communication sites, but they live apart.Two separate houses.

For her part, Jalila said that she had agreed to return to Tamer because of her extreme love for Tamer, and that he went to her and contacted her, denouncing the accusation that she had tried to kidnap him from the Basma Bowl. .

The Moroccan artist did not hold back tears when asked by his followers to have mercy on him, refusing to talk to Tamer about the topic of his engagement and saying he would not speak until a second party spoke.

Jaleela added, “She told me it’s been a year and a half since the mother of her children was separated … Based on this, I returned to Damar Hosni. I did not come to destroy anyone’s house.

In response to rumors of his separation from his wife, Damer’s first released a short video clip he collected on Instagram to cover up rumors of separation, with the feature of stories linked to his account.

In the video, he appears to be holding balloons in his hand next to his wife, commenting “with my loving wife”.

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He also re-posted the video on his own account, confirming that all the news about Basma Bows’s split was false.

Source: RT