March 21, 2023

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After the occurrence of “Shigella” cases, a warning of a new disease


Former Minister of Health of Jordan Dr. Saad al-Qarabsheh said the health ministry had set up a laboratory monitoring system for cholera and shigella for about 30 years.

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Jordan .. because school time is suspended

Karabshe added in a tweet via Twitter: “A random percentage of diarrhea cases going to hospitals to investigate these two diseases has been investigated.”

Karabshe wondered, “I don’t know if it’s still in use or discontinued.”

He called on those involved in the monitoring of diseases in the Ministry of Health: “Stop cholera by Balkova as a different diagnosis to Shigella. Thank God, our country has become a haven for people from countries affected by cholera.”

He told them: “They are implementing a routine laboratory monitoring program to test for cholera and Shigella if they are stopped by the corona virus.”

The former minister stressed, “More important than closing schools in Gerash and Azlon is to conduct a thorough epidemiological investigation according to known scientific sites to identify the source of the infection, monitor the cases, isolate them and treat them to prevent them from spreading from one person to another.”

Al-Garabsheh explained: “I do not know whether the investigative team conducted a case-control study in which the affected cases and the same number of non-infectious individuals were interviewed as a comparative group and collected information from both groups so that the source of the risk of infection could be reached.”

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More important than disinfecting schools is the continuation of ensuring that there is an environmental sanitation process, especially in public schools, in terms of water conservation, cleanliness of toilets and personal hygiene of children. The disease is spread when environmental hygiene at home or school deteriorates.

Source: Goddess + Twitter