August 14, 2022

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أحمد حلاوة

Ahmed Halwa: I want to work in a state of mind, my role is to make the “choice” closest to my heart | News

Artist Ahmed Halwa revealed works close to his heart at his last meeting before he was infected with the corona virus and his health deteriorated.

During an interview with Al-Hayat Channel’s “One of the People” program, Amr al-Laidi said that he would take part in the work he wanted to do.

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Halwa, when asked by Amr al-Laidi what role he wanted last Ramadan, said, “They are all origins.

And he continued, “But I do not eat more than I eat, I do not work more than I work, I do not work more than I do. If I work, I work in a hard mood and with love.”

Al-Laithi asked the question differently, “Well, what was the most important thing you did in a mood?” Ahmed Halwa replied that the choice was close to his heart.

“Despite being given an unfamiliar character, the series presented Christian differently and showed love and friendship, which is what the editor and director want to show,” he said.

He reaffirmed his love and pride for works such as his role in the “Al-Araf” series he presented with Adel Imam.

Ahmed Halawa has been diagnosed with the corona virus and his daughter has asked the public to pray for her speedy recovery.

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