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Al Qaeda’s fans come out to protest against team status after joining Amateurs (video) – Today 24


Video: Abdullah Aid Sharif

The “Crazy Boys” faction, which supports the Marrakesh planet, organized a demonstration this Thursday evening in front of the Consulate General in Bob Dowcala, after landing for the amateurs, denouncing the team’s position, and subsequently ranking the professional championship in its second division.

Slogans were raised that team captain Ratwan Hanish should leave the office as he failed to manage the stage. For the first time in its history to the amateur section.

Security was alerted in the courtyard of the consulate in Bob Dowcala before the start of the awareness rally, which was attended by large numbers of people, condemning the disgrace caused by the Marakachchi team.

Al Qaeda continued to cling to the thread of marauding confidence, especially in the second leg when it had several consecutive wins in the second professional division, but the last meters did not help it, after the last defeat. Against the Association of Sale team on Sunday, Marrakesh put his two feet on the amateurs for the first time in its history at the Great Stadium.

For many years the case of Kawkab Marakachchi did not satisfy its fans or the sports supervisor in general because of its declining status and its quest to remain in the second professional category every time instead of playing in the first match. Its original location, and perhaps the lack of communication from the weak management and management office, exacerbated the group’s problems, who could not find a better way to fix its course.

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Perhaps what the team’s executive office needs to do is to re-create and revitalize the planet that lost its compass in the wake of a series of crises and problems, instead of repeating the same mistakes that destroyed the palm, to return to the second professional division. Knight, who presented his first African title to Morocco in 1996, expressed his desire for Marrakesh fans to encourage and lend a hand to their team.

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