March 25, 2023

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Algeria wants to impose compulsory vaccination and “vaccination passport” on entry and exit

The Algerian government has announced that it is taking a number of health measures to counter the development of infectious diseases around the world and the emergence of new mutations in the corona virus.

The government said in a statement to the science panel that it would “approve the health passport for vaccination” as a condition for entry and exit into the country to follow up on the development of the epidemic, and explained that the practice would be “implemented”. In connection with the transportation of passengers by sea in the next few days.

It also announced that the security and immunization system in the country would be extended for an additional 10 days, and that a “compulsory vaccination” against corona could be sought by the end of that period and the imposition of a “health passport”.

After consulting with the Scientific Committee and the Health Commission to track the development of the corona virus infection, he said he had decided to take action to be taken under the heading “Health Crisis Management Tool. With Corona virus infection.”

After the expiration of the protection and prevention system, the authorities can adopt health measures appropriate for the development of the infectious situation, especially with regard to compulsory vaccination and the expansion of the health passport for immunization for certain activities, the government explained.

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An Algerian virologist determines the date and circumstances of entry into the fourth stage of an epidemic

Improvements in the global epidemiological situation, a new wave of epidemics and described it as a dangerous recovery, intensified by the emergence of a new variant called “Omigron”, which is of great concern today. To the scientific community, “and despite the availability of the vaccine in Algeria,” vaccination activities are taking place at a weak pace, and at this time the epidemic situation in many regions of the world is seeing a new wave. International spread. “

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The report recommended “intense voting for a series of vaccination campaigns.”

Source: RT