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An app that prevents iPhone users from being bullied

Thursday 16 March 2023 / 15:30

If you’re an Android user and tired of being insulted in group chats by iPhone users, your balance text bubbles turning green, and service drops from iMessage to SMS, this new app solves the problem.

The same happens when Android users talk through RCS (Rich Communication Service) and allow an iPhone user to join the group and the service is downgraded from RCS to SMS. Character limits are pushed back, image, video, and read receipts are corrupted, and type indicators are disabled.

When you start the Sunbird message, that all changes. Sunbird is a universal messaging app that allows Android users to transform themselves into iOS users during group chats. There are no green bubbles in sight and all iMessage features are available to Android users once the app is installed.

The app is still in beta testing and you can join the waiting list by pointing your browser to www.sunbirdapp.com. Once your number arrives, you’ll receive an email inviting you to join the closed beta.

The good news is that Sunbird messaging is free, at least for the foreseeable future. “We have no reason to enable paid subscriptions right now based solely on our goals. We have one goal in mind right now, which is to enable iMessage on Android for millions of users. Let’s connect the world first,” the app’s creators say.

Sunbird works on Wi-Fi and cellular networks, although data may be used when Wi-Fi is not available. It takes less than a minute to set up the platform and less than 5 minutes to add iMessage to your Android phone. As it will be a global platform, the app will also be available on Samsung Galaxy App Store and Huawei AppGallery.

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The integrated Inbox app will allow users to access their WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger accounts. Eventually, support will be added to allow users to view inboxes for Telegram, Discord, RCS, Slack, and more. iPhone arena.