February 8, 2023

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An Arab split in the Knesset from the government coalition triggers a crisis in Israel

An Arab split in the Knesset from the government coalition triggers a crisis in Israel

The fashion for holding new elections in Israel every few months was shaken up again on Thursday by the resignation of Gnes Rinawi Zoabi, a member of the Knesset from the left-wing Meredith party, on Thursday. The Israeli media reported that in a letter to Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett and Foreign Minister Yair Labid, he expressed his concern about the “strengthening of the right wing in government.”

However, the strong reason that prompted Joby to resign was, “I wrote about the coalition leaders taking a tough stance on key issues in the Arab community and the scenes from the Temple Mount of violent policemen in front of worshipers and spectators. During the month of Ramadan, in addition to the funeral of journalist Sherin Abu Agle, I came to a conclusion: I will not continue, “we can see more in the video provided.

It is known that the Israeli government was formed 11 months ago with a coalition of 8 right-wing, centrist, Islamist and left-wing parties, ending a three-year political stalemate that saw four elections in Israel. The United Coalition, which wants to oust Benjamin Netanyahu, has the lowest majority in the Netherlands, facing allegations of bribery and fraud in court, according to a report in the Israeli daily yesterday and today. Sophie’s resignation and, at the same time, the media coverage of her resignation as Israeli ambassador to Shanghai, China.

Earlier, in early April, right-wing cleric Idit Silmann, a member of Bennett’s Yamina party, submitted his resignation in protest of the decision to “bring bread to hospitals” during the Jewish Passover, Al Arabiya.net reviewed. News of his resignation was archived, and on Thursday with the resignation, only 59 of the government’s 120 MPs became supporters.

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A plan to dissolve the Knesset

As a new reality was born in Israel after the resignation, the Netanyahu-led opposition rushed to submit a proposal to dissolve Nessett, which will be put to a vote next Wednesday. This was expected by the Israeli TV channel 12. The local newspaper, The Jerusalem Post, previously reported that the Yamina party also had another intention of leaving the coalition.

Bennett and his government threaten two women, Kida Rinavi Sophie and Idit Silman

Coalition leaders are working to prevent the government from making this initial decision. Meredith leader Nitzan Horowitz appealed to his disgruntled colleague, saying “dissolving the alliance would be a gift to Netanyahu and would do great harm to both the Arabs and the Jews.” Party circles are talking to her and I know from him that he does not plan to overthrow the government, but his departure will put pressure on other oscillating members. Coalition to jump off the ship and sink the government.