March 27, 2023

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An Egyptian city records temperatures below 7 below zero

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The Egyptian city of St. Catherine recorded -7 degrees below zero at dawn on Saturday, the first time temperatures have reached below zero this year.

St. Catherine’s city equipment in southern Sinai Governorate is preparing for the Meteorological Agency’s warning of the city’s temperature drop in the coming hours, causing a large number of visitors to see the snowfall in a single city in Egypt.

Maj. Gen. Talat al-Anani, head of St. Catherine’s City, confirmed in a press release that it was the first time this year that temperatures had dropped below -7 degrees Celsius, below -7 on Saturday morning.

Winter this year is expected to be cold, so snow will fall on the city as the event that all visitors have been waiting for since Monday, he said.

According to weather assurances, the mayor of St. Catherine said that this week’s weather indicates a major depression, resulting in heavy rain and sleet in most cities of the governorate, and he expects snow to fall on St. Catherine’s. In the middle of this week due to a sharp drop in temperature.

The Center for Meteorology has revealed details of the prevailing weather and temperature in the country in the coming hours.

The Egyptian Meteorological Agency said in a statement that it would continue to rain in the northern coastal cities on Friday night, with moderate to heavy showers and occasional thundershowers in the northern coastal cities. In addition to Beheira, Kafr el-Sheikh and Tomita governorates such as Salum, Matru and Alexandria.

Meteorologists expect light to moderate rain in isolated parts of the southern delta governorates and light rains in separate parts of the cities of Cairo, Giza and the Canal.

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He said the weather in the coming days would be cold during the day and very cold at night, with sea level rise in the Mediterranean in the next few days and winds of up to 70 kmph. And the waves reach 4 meters a day. Sunday, according to al-Masri al-Yum.

Meteorologists have revealed the activity of the wind movement next Monday, which will be filled with sand and dust, and could reach the point of storms, and the horizontal visibility in the governorates and cities of north-western Egypt is declining. Canal, and the Sinai Governorate, with a more cold feel.

The Met Office forecast moderate to heavy rains in the northern coast and cities north of the delta on Monday. And Sharqia, in between.

He pointed to the first light to moderate rain on Monday in separate areas of Cairo, Giza, the canal cities, the Sinai and the governorates of northwestern Egypt, with waves disrupting maritime traffic in the Mediterranean. 5 m high and wind speed of 75 km per hour.

The Meteorological Agency warned citizens of bad weather and falling temperatures, and said Cairo, Greater, Lower Egypt and northern Upper Egypt were experiencing sand and dust in the wind movement, reaching the edge of the storm in some areas. Led to a decline in horizontal visibility, which strongly enhances the feeling.Colders and citizens demanded not to leave their homes except on demand.