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An epidemic and eruptions … Does the famous astronomer Laila Abdel Latif scare everyone with exciting and shocking predictions and predictions?


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Lebanese astronomer Laila Abdel Latif is still causing controversy after the validity of her predictions about a number of events, including the Beirut eruption, the corona virus eruption and other events.


In the expectations of astronomer Laila Abdul Latif: The joint region of Yemen and Saudi Arabia has witnessed some conflicts and disputes, with the expectation of an Omani-Saudi-Kuwait agreement to resolve and end the crisis. The war in Yemen, and this agreement is expected to win, so that Yemen will enjoy peace.

And in the midst of her expectations for 2020, as Laila predicted, a dangerous virus is spreading worldwide, causing fear and panic among the population, and the onset of a malignant disease in China is causing concern.

She also hopes to monitor a large energy storm that sounds an alarm from our Sun. The farthest star with the greatest energy toward Earth will cause its death.

The team of experts expressed their deep concern as they discovered a large energy explosion and particle emission from a distant sun-like star.

It was propagated through communication sites for the future of a Yemeni child belonging to the Ubaida tribe in Malibu province that he would become a leader in a few months and that the stars would stand by him by the end of 2021. Huge amount by the end of the year, and astronomy hides a good news for him.


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