August 13, 2022

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Analyst expects the PS5 to perform more aggressively than the Xbox this year

Analyst expects the PS5 to perform more aggressively than the Xbox this year

Things can get hot in the following meeting rooms Microsoft Activision Blizzard acquisition nearly $ 70 billionBut the PlayStation 5 is the device that will be off the cash register this year. According to Amber Pierce Director of Harding Rolls Research, Sony hopes to sell 18 million new generation consoles for nine million Xboxes this year.

Although it has not always felt like being on social media lately, it is worth remembering that the PS5 beats the world’s closest competitor – the lack of stock for both brands has failed to give us the complete picture of demand. Harding-Rolls decided that the new systems would eventually be upgraded with the Nintendo Switch, which has gone crazy since its launch.

“Availability of PS5 and Xbox consoles seems to be improving slowly throughout the year, and we expect Sony to sell more consoles than Microsoft two-on-one.” he said. “But really, the best-selling console on the market is the 21 million – unit Nintendo Switch, which will increase demand for the new Nintendo Switch OLED.”

Despite the global epidemic and shortage of semiconductors worldwide, Sony was already able to sell 10 million PS5s a month faster than the PS4. It aims to ship 22.6 million consoles in its fiscal year to April 2022, and insists it has the inventory to do so. In the meantime, it will be Create more than 1 million PS4 consoles Even this calendar year.

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