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Apple screen supplier loses demand for bigger iPhone 14, it cuts corners


Chinese screen maker Beijing Oriental Electronics (BOE) has said it will lose 30 million display orders for the upcoming iPhone 14. Electricity (Via 9to5Mac)

Apple spent on the Bank of England Since the iPhone 13 screens were made last October, a short-term deal ended earlier this month, with BOE reportedly claiming that Apple unknowingly changed the circuit widths of the thin-film transistors on the iPhone 13 display. (Did they think Apple would not notice?).

However, this decision could continue to haunt the Bank of England, as it could take Apple away from the task of developing an OLED display for the iPhone 14. To me Electricity, Bank of England sent an executive to Apple’s Cupertino headquarters to explain the incident and said it had not received an order to build the iPhone 14 display. Apple is expected to announce IPhone 14 This fall in an event, but Electricity He says he may start production of his display soon next month.

Instead of the Bank of England, Electricity Apple expects its 30 million display demand to be split between the two primary display providers, the LG Display and the Samsung Display. Samsung is expected to make 6.1- and 6.7-inch screens for the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro, while LG is set to launch a 6.7-inch screen for the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

To me Mac rumorsBOE only created displays for previously updated iPhones. Apple then hired the company To offer OLED screens for the new iPhone 12 in 2020, but the first batch of panels did not pass Apple’s rigorous quality control tests. From the beginning From this year, Bank of England production has also been affected By defect of the display drive chip.

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