January 28, 2023

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Apple’s browser reaches 1 billion users worldwide

Apple’s Safari browser has reached one billion users, becoming the second browser to reach this milestone after Google Chrome, which is still quite popular.

According to Atlas VPN data, 1,062,232,879 Internet users (19.16% of all Internet users) currently use the Safari browser.

Meanwhile, Google Chrome browser has added that number three, with 3,378,967,819 users. Microsoft’s Edge browser is in third place with 2,12,695,000 users.

Atlas VPN results are based on the percentage of browser market share provided by GlobalStats. This percentage was converted to numbers using the Internet World Statistics scale to retrieve the correct numbers.

The report notes that the development of Apple’s browser may be linked to the adoption of browser privacy and security features. As Safari and Chrome are installed on Apple and Android devices, this is a reflection of the mobile market share.

Apple’s browser will be installed automatically on every device of the company. When Chrome is installed on most versions of Android. This allows both technology companies to compete.

When Microsoft shipped its Edge browser with Windows, it lost ground in the mobile market due to the failure of the Windows Phone.

Apple introduced several new privacy features to the browser last year. These features help to attract users.

A new browser privacy statement shows how many cross-site trackers (ITP) Intelligence Monitoring (ITP) have been disabled from accessing your information.

Chrome is considered to be the most attractive browser with web applications like YouTube, Calendar, Docs, Maps.

Apple’s browser is still lagging behind Google’s browser

Last week, Google unveiled a new way to use the lens across the desktop. This allows Chrome desktop users to browse any image on the web using Google Lens.

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In April, Google also introduced the feature of multiple searches through Google Lens with its mobile processor.

Additionally, the Chrome browser version 100 was launched in late March. And Chrome is 15% faster on Android.

Other browsers included in the report include Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Samsung Internet and Opera. As mentioned, Edge is the third most popular browser with over 212 million users, surpassing Firefox with 179 million users.

Since the release of Windows 11, Edge has become the default browser on all devices, and has significantly increased its user base.

By providing security features such as tracking, blocking pop-ups, malware and phishing, Firefox is aimed at privacy conscious users. Mozilla released version 100 of the browser in early May.

Samsung ranks fifth on the list of web browsers, used by more than 149 million users. Opera was the last browser on the list with over 108 million users.

People can use opera for everyday tasks. It also has a crypto browser and application with a built-in crypto wallet that supports Ethereum, Polygon and Celo blockchain technologies.

Google: Chrome is better on Mac than Safari