June 6, 2023

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Artificial Intelligence: Umm Kulthum’s voice continues to captivate her fans even after five decades

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Some critics believe that the true judgment of this experience rests with the public, while others fear the destruction of symbols under the pretext of renewal.

Almost five decades after his death, Umm Kultum continues to be the voice of the planet, a new attempt to evoke his voice with new words and melodies through artificial intelligence technology, an effort that has caused great uproar in Egypt. .

Music composer Amr Mustafa posted an ad for a song titled “I Think of You” on one of his social media accounts with a picture of Umm Kulthum next to his picture.

Mustafa, who noted on social media that he had provided many melodies to various stars in the Arab world over 24 years, has since mentioned that before the post was deleted, he wanted to know the outcome if Umm Kulthum sang a song in his song. .

Mustafa’s particular new experience of reclaiming tradition, as he described it, in which he sought the voice of Umm Kulthum, sparked a great deal of controversy in art circles and social media.