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Artista-free lawyer Mostafa Fahmi reveals the “real” reason for her client’s divorce




Lebanese media, Faten Moussa and best Egyptian artist Mostafa Fahmi

Lawyer Inas Fawzi, a Lebanese media agent who was released from the artist Mustafa Fahmi, told the artist footage of his client’s story and revealed the real reason for their separation.

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Egyptian .. Lebanese media express surprise over Mustafa Fahmi's divorce

Inas Fawzy wrote in Arabic to “et” that “motherhood is the secret of the couple’s separation because Faten Moussa wanted to be a mother and asked Mustafa Fahmi more than once about the idea, but he continued to have children and escaped.”

Enas Fawzy added, “When Faten Musa insisted on having children, Mustafa decided to divorce her and tried to hide all the evidence pointing to the marital residence,” in the wake of rumors that “Faten stole apartment belongings”.

On October 27, Mustafa Fahmi’s lawyer, Faton Moussa, received a phone call from his lawyer, Sana Lahi, pointing out that “the artist may have divorced her and I asked her about her intentions and rights.” She continued: “Fatten is pregnant and she says, I do not know who you are.” As you say, this woman lived a happy life until the night she traveled to Lebanon.

Enas Fawzy added: “One night before she left, Faten was with Zahrana Mustafa Fahmi. Like all couples, he too had to travel with her to attend her sister’s engagement, but he apologized one last time. Travel before he cancels it.”

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The news of the divorce of Mustafa Fahmi and Faten Musa came as a huge shock to their fans as they have been married for 6 years and there have been no significant differences between them in these six years and social media followers have been in touch with the news. Their divorce continues, especially as there are ongoing developments.

The artist, Mustafa Fahmi, released a statement saying “his ex-wife stole the contents of his father’s house”, revealing that his ex-wife “attacked his family home with some guards and stole property and some documents from the apartment”. He insisted on divorce for reasons that could not be expressed out of fear for his reputation and the reputation of his family.

Source: “et” in Arabic

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