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Aspects of the Second Arab Renaissance | Naseem El Khoury


Dr. Naseem El Khoury

Former Lebanese Prime Minister Salim Al-Hoss always recounted with his obvious smile: “When the Almighty God created Lebanon, most of the inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula and the surrounding areas began to complain about the oppression that kept the desert life alive; Where is the scorching heat, hardship, drought and lack of rain. Voices and protests arose as they gazed with eagerness and love towards the north; Little Lebanon, with its snow-capped mountains, green plains and four seasons, is like paradise. Complaints piled up, feelings of discontent mounted, and so the solution came: God created the Lebanese in Lebanon.

The novel is beautiful, but it is concrete, because our brothers love Lebanon more than us, and we are struck by the national plague that has turned Lebanon into a barren sectarian desert, towards which minds and hands are reaching out with initiatives, help and advice. Histories of fear, wars and division, at a time when the eyes of the world look upwards towards the shining Emirates, the Towers weave networks, civilized interaction in regional and international relations that attract the intelligence and friendship of the world and bring it home with passion.

Today we see with our ears and eyes that the international palaces are thrown wide open before the Arab leaders, with impudence and freedom, after a miserable decade of the “Arab Spring” shook its roots and disappeared in search. The second was the era of the Arab Renaissance. Yes. Arab region youth leaders like children of globalization; On the contrary, its masters pave paths that attract generations of our Lebanese, Arabs and the world, who look ahead with wisdom and ride the future with confidence towards the four directions; By contrast, the six aspects, I mean the earth and space spheres.

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As long as I am motivated by a definite desire to break the strong last decade that erupted in our countries and in the capitals and cities of the world, I will not go too far in the direction of the Arab ink flow in this field. Millions of demonstrators, led by young women and girls, clearly rejected their governments and international organizations and the world’s old, crippled and better laws and regulations. They took to the public squares and disrupted life. Prisons overflowed by the thousands. Millions of slogans, protests, lobbies, rallies and “hashtags” circulated around the world, attracting eyes and ears. Demonstrators bashed the regimes of the superpowers, their leaders and their arrogance. They overthrew governments, threw officials into prisons or escaped, submitted their resignations, and left their loot and wealth on the table. By burying many parties and ideas and removing traditional leaders in favor of new and pro-modernism created by civil assemblies and emerging youth forces, the protesting students and youth succeeded in changing the face of “global politics”. And after a wonderful “germ” that transmits the spread of freedom, change and approval, similar will appear.

The poor, youth, students, workers, oppressed minorities, trade unionists, migrants, displaced persons and refugees in the capitals of the US and European West were able to observe the international, human equality slogans denouncing racist behavior and discrimination. and political right. National attraction, on the other hand, began to revive fascist behavior and concentrated on the nostalgia for neo-Nazism in Europe and America, which increased and increased towards the East, facilitating bloodshed and confiscation. Wealth.

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It should be recalled here that the second decade of the third millennium began with massive demonstrations in America during the era of Barack Obama, which ended with the election of Donald Trump, a highly emotional, controversial and racially belittling president. And to the rich Middle East in American history. It is not difficult to attribute America to the characteristics of the withering of international relations driven by absorption and profit, which intensified international rivalries and tensions with the worst financial crisis that emerged in the real estate sector in 2008. Another kind of terrifying economic and financial “virus” like the Corona virus is spreading rapidly in the future. Popular savings in banks contributed to the saving of private capital, but the awakened people, on the other hand, suffered a lot, got sick a lot, died a lot, and hated a lot, after wages fell, taxes rose, prices and unemployment worsened. Spending was reduced and the poor, downtrodden and starving people who lived in the emptiness of the squares of the world’s capitals flocked to the corners of its streets and gardens after the economy was paralyzed, with different forms, results and consequences, but they were frightening.

Greece’s collapse has cast a shadow over Europe and the world, and young people have shouted in the world’s squares: “We are not prisoners of the black triangle: governments, bankers and businessmen.” Such are the countries that have oscillated between closed doors, ruined roots and open windows to Earth and space in an age when we are tired of policies that cut roads and throats in the face of the stupidity of policies of grandeur and globalization. Awareness of people and rulers.

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