January 30, 2023

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مايا هزيم تكشف أسرار الحروف وتحليل الأسماء

Astronomer Maya Haseem reveals the secrets of analyzing letters and names


Analysis of the secrets and names of the letters:

There are three basic numbers that we can distinguish from the letters of a name, which can be very useful in determining a person’s luck:
Accordingly, we can learn a lot about the three broad lines:

It belongs entirely to the name and is the result of counting all the letters and getting a number, which signifies our character and basic strength.
For example:

By subtracting 12 = 3 its numerical value is 282, which means her chances are good and exciting, and things will end at age 36, and she will be happy after age 42. Her chances increase from 12 to 24 to 36 to 48 years of age.

Its number value is 36, i.e. 9. Her chances are strong if she is persecuted at the beginning of her life, but because her life is completed in three aspects (love, money, health and children) she always has happy endings and strong beginnings. ) .. Good changes come every 9 years .. From 9 years old, then 18, then 27, then 36 then 45 and so on.

Subtracting 8 gives its numeric value 251. It will be a symbol of strength and money any financially until it comes from the 8th, so Rana is a very lucky name, but with love, luck will not always help it. It has better material changes every 8 years, starting at a minimum and increasing material luck with age.

It refers to the hidden inner feelings and the hidden desire of the heart. It is caused by the vowels in the name:
Alif, waw, ya and alif al-maqsua .. When the noun is explicitly without vowels, we either return it to the past tense or take the noun of the object from it .. then we extract the vowel.
For example:

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The vowel of Alif is any 1, so he is always lonely, hidden a lot, lucky from strangers, and he is a consonant, so he has to take into account the destiny of suddenly coming and changing course. His life was a turning point towards inevitable fate.

The vowels Ya and Alif, and we notice that Alif is quiet, so having a permanent monument in the second half of the name and before it greatly weakens luck.

Each noun is derived from the consonant in the name.
For example:

Ya in the name is static and ultimately alif, but the effects of static ya are worth 10, so the rules play a big role and control the course of her life during her youth. A rule gives her a completely new beginning or end.