April 1, 2023

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معهد الفلك: "ليونارد" ألمع مذنب بـ2021 الأقرب إلى الأرض غدا

Astronomical Institute: “Leonard” bright comet in 2021, close to Earth tomorrow

Will pass Comet Leonard Tomorrow, Sunday, December 12, about 34 million km from Earth, and then six days later – on December 18 – the comet will be exceptionally close to Venus and 4.2 million km from it.

The National Agency for Astronomical Research has revealed that the comet C / 2021 A1 (Leonard) will be the brightest comet in 2021 and will be closest to Earth on December 12.

The comet now appears brighter, so it can be seen with a telescope, and the comet’s brightness will be visible to the naked eye (from very dark places) for the next few days, and the comet was discovered by astronomers on January 3, 2021. George Leonard of the Mount Lemon Observatory in Arizona, USA.

The comet orbits the Sun at about 254,412 km / h or 70.67 km / second. It will reach its closest distance (perihelion) on January 3, 2022 at a distance of about 90 million km.

Comets are usually much brighter around the perihelion.

Orbital calculations show that the comet orbited the Sun for the past 35,000 years after reaching the abeline (the farthest distance from the Sun) at a distance of about 3,500 astronomical units (3,500 times the distance between the Earth). And the sun) to complete tens of thousands of years around the sun

And the astronauts continued: That is, the comet Leonard may be one of the only celestial bodies to be seen only once in a lifetime.