March 27, 2023

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Baghdad warns of an increase in deaths from the epidemic, for which there is no cure

Baghdad warns of an increase in deaths from the epidemic, for which there is no cure

Elaf from London: The Iraqi Ministry of Health on Monday warned of a possible outbreak of hemorrhagic fever in the country, after which there was no cure for the disease, and the death toll from the disease has reached 40 percent.

The Ministry of Health confirmed today that “more than 10 isolated cases have been reported in several governorates in Iraq, but the worst affected is Governor The South, where three deaths have been reported.”
Ministry spokesman Saif al-Badr said in a statement to the official agency that “the role of the Ministry of Health is to provide early detection of cases and provide the necessary health care, as well as education and awareness of the disease,” emphasizing the importance of early detection of the disease. Dangerous and can cause up to one percent death. If there is a delay in reviewing health institutions, it can reach 40%, stressing the readiness of the ministry. Companies to deal with events such as infectious diseases.

Risk of hemorrhagic fever

He explained that “hemorrhagic fever (Crimean-Congo flu) is a local viral disease caused by a virus that is endemic not only in Iraq but also in the region in general, with limited cases being recorded annually for decades. Until death,” One is that it is common between animals and humans, i.e. the disease life cycle goes through several stages, which are transmitted directly or indirectly from the infected animal to man after its life or after its slaughter.

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“The worst affected are cattle, sheep and other livestock breeders, as well as workers in butcher shops (butchers),” he added. When groups that come in contact with animals or kill them, they are more likely to become infected. “

Iraqi health experts conduct awareness campaigns to warn and prevent hemorrhagic fever (Ministry of Health)

Spread of infection .. and no medicine

The most common means of transmission by ticks, which can be transmitted to livestock, is by the health official, who points out that “the disease is contagious.”

Al-Badr stressed the need for “caution in preventing this disease,” adding that “neither humans nor animals can be vaccinated against this disease.” “Animal health is one of the responsibilities of the Department of Animal Husbandry.

Symptoms of the disease

Al-Badr explained, “Early symptoms of the disease may include fever and occasional pain in the body, as well as abdominal pain.” In addition to the serious complications that can lead to liver failure and the failure of many organs in the body, it can also lead to death.

Prevention recommendations

Al-Badr said, “Recommendations for prevention should focus on public safety rules, ie public health rules, especially on the personal hygiene of livestock breeders, paying attention to specific symptoms and reviewing health. If companies appear.”

“The need to purchase meat from licensed butcher shops that guarantee health practices,” he suggested.
The official said, “The Ministry of Health, under the direct supervision of the Minister of Health, pursues the issue precisely on a daily basis, as he sent a high-level committee to The Garh Governorate where a number of actions were taken in advance.

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Live awareness campaigns

For its part, the Department of Public Health’s Department of Health Promotion launched an awareness campaign on hemorrhagic fever in parts of Baghdad yesterday, where the campaign went on a field trip to introduce the risk of hemorrhagic fever to butcher shops and butchers. Reasons for its spread, including the importance of following instructions and guidelines in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Health.
Distributed folders, health news and chart instructions for the disease and how to prevent it.

In the face of the corona epidemic, 161 new infections and two deaths were reported in Iraq today, while the number of people vaccinated in the last 24 hours has reached 18,109 civilians, bringing the total number of victims. Since the outbreak of the virus in Iraq on February 24, 2020, two million and 324 thousand and 384 people have been injured, while the death toll has risen to 25,207.